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Building Regulations Minimum Standards

Building Regulations cover a range of minimum standards in the construction, alteration and conversion of buildings. They are:-

  • Structure: structural stability of the building
  • Fire Safety: which includes means of escape, fire protection and access for the Fire Brigade
  • Resistance to moisture and Protection to Contaminates: how buildings are weatherproofed and how they can avoid contaminates affecting the health of users/occupiers of buildings 
  • Toxic Substances: regulating the type of materials which can be built into a building which could cause harm to the occupiers
  • Sound Insulation: ensuring that buildings have adequate sound insulation between uses and occupants
  • Ventilation: the provision of adequate ventilation for buildings both to provide a healthy environment and to ensure condensation etc. does not harm the fabric of the building 
  • Hygiene: ensuring there is adequate WC provision, washing facilities etc.
  • Drainage: ensuring the drainage system in relation to both soil (waste water/WC) and rain water is correctly discharged and dealt with (includes provision on septic tanks and building over sewers)
  • Heat Producing Appliances: requirements on flues ventilation, boilers, fires etc
  • Protection against falling: measures to maintain safety in relation to stairs and the guarding of balconies etc.
  • Energy Conservation: requirements on buildings to ensure that they are sustainable with regard to their energy requirements
  • Access: requires buildings when they are newly erected, altered etc. to provide adequate access and facilities for the disabled and other users 
  • Glazing: measure to ensure glazing is safe
  • Electrical Wiring: requires electrical installation in domestic premises to be correctly installed and checked.