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Land Charges FAQs

What is a Local Land Charge?

A Local Land Charge is a restriction or prohibition on a particular parcel or parcels of land. This has been put in place either to secure the payment of a sum of money, or to limit the use (in the widest sense) to which the land may be put. The charge is binding on successive owners or occupiers of the parcel or parcels of land.

An enforcement notice has been revealed on my search - we're not doing anything wrong can it be removed?

No, an enforcement notice once served remains on the land unless it is quashed by a Planning Appeal Inspector or planning permission is granted for whatever the enforcement notice relates.

A Tree Preservation Order was revealed on my search - can I cut back the trees on my property?

Not without first gaining permission form the council's arboriculturalist (permission may not be granted).

How can I obtain copies of the entries revealed in my search?

Not all copies of entries can be obtained from Wealden District Council, please contact either the Land Charges department on 01892 602430 or the Planning Information Officer on 01892 602510.

My search says my property is a listed building, what does this mean?

This means that the property is of special architectural or historic interest.  More information can be found on our listed buildings webpage.

My search has revealed an Agreement, what does this mean?

An Agreement is a legal document and the best way of understanding what it relates to is to purchase a copy of it and, where necessary, seek legal advice.

My search has revealed that the property is in a Conservation Area - what does this mean?

This means that there are more restrictions relating to the Conservation area that you have to abide by. More information can be found on ourConservation webpage.

What are your fees for searches?

Details of all our search charges are found on our  Planning Fees webpage.