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Protected Trees Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tree Preservation Order?

What is the purpose of a Tree Preservation Order?

What type of trees can be covered by an Order?

How can I find out if a tree is covered by an Order?

If I see work being carried out on a protected tree, how can I find out if the owner has permission?

There are trees which I think should be protected. What can I do?

Does an Order come into effect immediately?

How will I know when a Local Planning Authority makes a Tree Preservation Order?

How can I object to or express support for an Order?

Does the Local Planning Authority then become responsible for looking after the trees?

Do I need a Forestry Commission felling licence to cut down trees covered by a Preservation Order?

What if I want to work on a protected tree but don't need a felling licence?

Do I always need the Planning Authority's permission to work on a protected tree?

If I don't need the Planning Authority's or Forestry Commission's permission, do I still have to inform them of any work I intend to carry out?

When will I have to plant a replacement tree?

What happens if I carry out work on a protected tree without permission?

Can I get any compensation if my application to carry out work on protected trees/woodland is refused or conditions are imposed?

Are there any extra restrictions in a Conservation Area?

How are trees on development sites affected?

Can I carry out work on protected trees which are in the way of proposed development?

Can I stop planning permission being granted - or prevent approved development being carried out - by getting a Tree Preservation Order imposed on trees on the site?

Where do I find out about applications for works to protected trees in my area?

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