Wealden District Council

Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Listed Buildings

Within the Wealden District Council area, including that part within  the South Downs National Park,  there are over 2,200 listed buildings.  Further details to explain what a listed building is, the grades of listed buildings and why they are listed, can be found on this page.

In addition, information on 'Locally Listed Buildings' can also be found on this page.

Conservation Areas

There are 34 conservation areas within Wealden District, including that part of the District within the South Downs National Park. Details of where these are located can be found on this page.

The Council is currently undertaking a review of the existing 26 conservation areas that it is responsible for as a Local Planning Authority, as well as considering the designation of 12 new conservation areas. As part of the Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation, October 2015, the Council is consulting on the recommendations and preferred options for testing for change to the existing 26 conservation areas, as well as the recommendations for designation of new areas and the preferred options for testing their boundaries. Further details can be found on our Issues, Options and Recommendations webpage, and within the Conservation Areas FAQ leaflet.

The proposed new conservation areas are as follows:

  • Arlington
  • Boreham Street
  • Chalvington
  • Coggins Mill
  • Cowbeech
  • Eridge Green & The Forstal
  • Five Ashes
  • Muddles Green
  • Pell Green
  • Splaynes Green
  • Warbleton
  • Wartling

Information and guidance documents are available:

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