Wealden District Council

Core Strategy for Stone Cross

This text is also available to download in pdf format, Core Strategy for Stone Cross (pdf)

The Wealden Core Strategy Local Plan, approved by the Council, sets out to guide future growth in Stone Cross. Although in Wealden District, the village of Stone Cross lies adjacent to the boundary of Eastbourne and has grown rapidly in recent years. It is now a significant neighbourhood centre with good facilities and strong transport connections through the A27 bypass and bus and rail links to Eastbourne. The future growth of Stone Cross has been a feature of previous Wealden local plans and has helped reinforce the regeneration of the area. However, compared to the north of Wealden, the area has seen fewer employment opportunities and this is reflected in average household incomes. To help support the continued residential growth of Stone Cross, the Wealden Local Plan aims to provide new business premises for the surrounding area, as well as supporting local retail and community improvements.

Growth Areas

The Wealden Local Plan, approved in 2012 following widespread consultation, will allow for 650 new homes to be built at two extensions to the existing urban area and adds 8,290 m² of employment space to the west of Golden Jubilee Way. Some new homes will benefit from their location on the border with Eastbourne and the town's wide range of services.

Where the new development will be

Planning for sustainable economic growth is important not just locally but for south Wealden and the towns along the Sussex coast. Just as growth in the north of Wealden is constrained by the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the south of the District features both the South Downs National Park and the internationally protected Pevensey Levels. Opportunities to provide land for the necessary growth in Stone Cross are limited, and there are no suitable alternative brownfield sites. The A27 provides a natural boundary to the north of the village. The Wealden Local Plan supports appropriate development within the built up area of Stone Cross. It will allow some 220 new homes to be built out to the south and east. Some will link in to existing housing south of the railway line. It will also allow some 430 new homes to be built north of the village up to the A27. Development will take place within the designated areas but the precise locations will be the subject of further work.

There is some flexibility as to how the numbers of new homes will be shared between these two locations, which are subject to the necessary highway improvements. The Plan stresses the importance of ensuring that infrastructure, including the necessary road improvements, go hand in hand with new housing.

As well as providing new homes, local employment opportunities will be enhanced by the creation of an additional 8,290 m² of employment space, south of the A27 on the Polegate side of the Golden Jubilee Way.

The nearby communities of Polegate and Willingdon will also experience growth over the next 15 years, including 8,600 m² of employment space to provide new jobs, together with 700 new homes.

The following is a map to illustrate the proposed areas for growth within Stone Cross. New homes will be built out to the south and the east,  some linking to the existing housing South of the railway line. It will also allow for some new homes to be built north of the village up to the A27 boundary. The nearby communities of Polegate and Willingdon also feature on this map as they will also experience growth over the next 15 years.

 Core Strategy for Polegate Willingdon and Stone Cross


Protecting the Pevensey Levels

With the South Downs National Park to the west and Pevensey Levels to the east, Polegate, Willingdon and Stone Cross lie between two very important environmental assets which are significant tourist attractions. The Local Plan seeks to make best use of the District's resources whilst affording a high degree of protection to our environment. It is a significant opportunity to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change. Crucial to this is ensuring inappropriate development does not take place in areas of high flood risk. As part of the detailed development process, new development in Stone Cross, Polegate and Willingdon will have to ensure it does not increase pollution levels within the Pevensey Levels. This limit on growth in the south of Wealden is caused by the ability of the waste water treatment works to safely discharge treated water in to the Pevensey Levels.