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Bio Diversity and Green Infrastructure

South Wealden Growth Area Landscape and Ecological Assessment Study (July 2017)

Please refer to the Landscape pages in the Planning Policy Evidence Base section for this document.

Wealden Local Plan Sites - Landscape and Ecological Assessment Study (July 2017)

Please refer to the Landscape pages in the Planning Policy Evidence Base section for this document.

Wealden Green Infrastructure Study (May 2017)

In June 2016 Wealden District Council commissioned Chris Blandford Associates to undertake a strategic assessment of the Districts current green infrastructure provision. The purpose of this work was to assess the quantity, quality and accessibility of the Districts green assets that contribute to the green infrastructure network, including but not limited to trees, hedgerows, parks, public rights of way, rivers, farmland, churchyards and natural/semi natural green spaces. From this audit the work identifies deficiencies within the network and makes recommendations for opportunities for provision and enhancement of green infrastructure to provide a coherent and accessible network for the benefit of people and nature. The up-to-date assessment will also provide baseline information to inform the production of a forthcoming Green Infrastructure Strategy for the District.

Due to the size of the document, chapters can be view and downloaded separately. Please note that some of the files are particularly large and files over 5MB have been labelled with their file size.

Contents, List of Figures and Executive Summary (pdf)

1.0 Introduction (pdf)

  • 1.1 Background to the Study
  • 1.2 What is Green Infrastructure?
  • 1.3 National Policy Context
  • 1.4 Study Methodology

2.0 Strategic Green Infrastructure Network (45MB) (pdf)

  • 2.1 General
  • 2.2 Green Infrastructure Assets
  • 2.3 Biodiversity & Geodiversity
  • 2.4 Landscape & Historical Environment
  • 2.5 Energy & Food
  • 2.6 Water Resources
  • 2.7 Accessible Natural Greenspace & Access Links

3.0 Green Infrastructure Zones Assessments (87MB) (pdf)

  • 3.1 General
  • 3.2 Zone 1: Upper Medway Valleys
  • 3.3 Zone 2: Ashdown Forest
  • 3.4 Zone 3: Central High Weald
  • 3.5 Zone 4: Upper Rother Valleys
  • 3.6 Zone 5: Southern High Weald Slopes
  • 3.7 Zone 6: High Weald Fringes
  • 3.8 Zone 7: Low Weald
  • 3.9 Zone 8: Pevensey Levels

4.0 Town Green Infrastructure Assessments (33MB) (pdf)

  • 4.1 General
  • 4.2 Crowborough
  • 4.3 Uckfield
  • 4.4 Heathfield
  • 4.5 Hailsham & Polegate

5.0 Proposed Green Infrastructure Network (14MB) (pdf)

  • 5.1 General
  • 5.2 District Green Infrastructure Network
  • 5.3 Town Green Infrastructure Networks

6.0 Recommendations (pdf)

  • 6.1 General
  • 6.2 Green Infrastructure Policies
  • 6.3 Green Infrastructure Planning Guidance
  • 6.4 Developing a Green Infrastructure Strategy for Wealden

Appendix A - Record of Datasets (pdf) 

Appendix B - Summary of Relevant Strategies and Studies (pdf)

Ecological Assessment of the Strategic Sites Development Plan Document (January 2012)

This study details ecological information to inform the process of identifying suitable sites for future development. The report presents a desk top survey for each Strategic Development Area (SDA) and field surveys for each of the Strategic Sites/Sub Areas which form each Strategic Development Area.

The report also identifies habitats of value and sensitivity and makes recommendations for the protection, maintenance, enhancement, restoration and creation of habitats.

Some of the following files are large in size and may cause difficulty when downloading to some users, if you experience any difficulty accessing these files please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.

Phase 2

The Ecology Consultancy was commissioned by Wealden District Council to carry out breeding bird, reptile and Phase 2 botanical surveys of Hawkenbury Farm Meadows Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI), Frant.

Wealden Places for People Pilot Project 2009 (WDC and Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre) (pdf)

Set up to develop and test a methodology for a ten-year rolling programme of survey and assessment of existing and proposed new local sites as part of Wealden's responsibilities to identify, select and encourage the management of Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCIs).