Wealden District Council

Habitat Regulations Assessment

Screening of the Core Strategy under the Habitats Regulations 1994 (pdf)

Based on information available to Wealden District Council it was considered that, for the purposes of the Council's Core Strategy, further Appropriate Assessment (AA) is required for the Ashdown Forest  Special Protection Area (SPA) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC), Lewes Downs SAC and Pevensey Levels Ramsar Sites.

Habitats Assesment Regulations - Local to the Ashdown Forest and Lewes Downs Special Area of Conservation- February 2011 (pdf)

This paper sets out the methodology and results regarding the traffic generated by the Core Strategy and whether this would have a likely significant effect on Ashdown Forest and Lewes Downs SAC in accordance with the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges.

Review of Air Quality Submissions to the Wealden District Council Core Strategy Examination by Air Quality Consultants Ltd January 2012 (pdf)

Air Quality Consultants Ltd was commissioned by Wealden District Council to review documents by Jennifer Owen and Associates (JOA) and Southdown Environmental Consultants (SEC) submitted to the Wealden District Council Core Strategy Examination in relation to air pollution at European sites.

Transport Model June 2017

Transport Model Technical Note June 2017 (pdf)

The Ashdown Forest Traffic Model (AFTM) provides estimates of additional traffic likely to arise on roads on the Ashdown Forest as a result of new development. Although the model was developed to generate outputs related to roads on Ashdown Forest, the model also provides additional highway links on or adjacent to the Lewes Downs SAC and the Pevensey Levels SAC. All references to 'roads on Ashdown Forest' or similar body of this report also relate to roads on or adjacent to the Lewes Downs SAC and the Pevensey Levels SAC.  

Air Quality and ecological monitoring at Ashdown Forest SAC

On 30th April 2014, Wealden District Council awarded a contract to Ecus Ltd, supported by Air Quality Consultants Ltd, to determine the effects of atmospheric pollution on the Ashdown Forest Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The monitoring, modelling and assessment programme will run for a number of years. It is anticipated that the results of the monitoring and research will provide the Council with information on the impacts of nitrogen deposition on the Ashdown Forest SAC so that its effects on development in the longer term can be more fully understood. The requirement to implement a monitoring programme was one of the recommendations of the independent Planning Inspector who assessed the Core Strategy as sound. The monitoring programme is ongoing, however, all reports relating to this work so far are provided below. Please note that information relating to monitoring locations has been redacted from the interim monitoring reports, including maps. Information relating to ecological monitoring locations has been redacted from the October 2017 Air Quality and Modelling report. FAQs are also provided for information.

Briefing Document for the Ashdown Forest Nitrogen Deposition Position - 13th March 2017 (pdf)

Briefing document for the Ashdown Forest Air Quality Position - 3rd November 2017 (pdf)

Ashdown Forest SPA and SAC

Ashdown Forest Visitor Survey 2016 (pdf)

This report presents an analysis of the results of visitor survey work at Ashdown Forest conducted in late spring/early summer 2016, providing up-to-date data on recreation use of the Ashdown Forest.

Footprint Ecology - Visitor Surveys at Potential SANGs Sites in Wealden - April 2015 (pdf)

In 2012 visitor surveys were undertaken at a number of existing green spaces in Crowborough and Uckfield as part of the Council's work to identify Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space. This paper sets out the results of these visitor surveys and assesses the potential suitability of the sites to provide SANGS.

Ashdown Forest Visitor Survey Data Analysis - September 2010 (pdf)

Commissioned by Natural England, this report uses the 2008 visitor survey data collected by UE Associates to predict total visitor numbers to the site and to determine the extent to which current visitor levels may be having an impact on the Annex I bird species present at the site.

Visitor Access Patterns on Ashdown Forest - September 2009

This report describes the methods and findings of a detailed recreational visitor survey carried out at Ashdown Forest during September 2008. The data, analysis and discussion contained in the report will be used to inform future stages of assessment of the Wealden District Council Core Strategy.

Pevensey Levels

Waste Water Position Statement - Hailsham North and Hailsham South Waste Water Treatment Works - August 2011 (pdf)

This Paper supplements the Habitat Assessment concerning the Hydrological Impact of the Core Strategy on the Pevensey Levels, and provides additional explanation of the calculations concerning waste water capacity in Hailsham North and South Waste Water Treatment Works contained within the Submission Core Strategy, Background Paper 1 to the Submission Core Strategy entitled Development of the Core Strategy and the Infrastructure Delivery Plan. This paper also explains the options that are being explored to create additional waste water capacity, and the issues related to the delivery of such options.

Hydrology for the Pevensey Levels - September 2010

This paper considers the potential for Wealden's Core Strategy to have a significant effect on the Pevensey Levels Ramsar site and recommends means of avoiding and mitigating against any adverse effects of development on nature conservation interests.

Air Quality Local to the Pevensey Levels Ramsar Site - June 2009 (pdf)

This document presents the Appropriate Assessment section of the Habitat Regulations Assessments for Rother, Hastings, Eastbourne and Wealden as it applies to air quality impacts on the Pevensey Levels Ramsar site.

Pevensey Levels SSSI Water Level Management Plan (WLMP) - December 2006 (pdf)

Produced by the Environment Agency, this document is the revised plan for the Pevensey Levels SSSI and combines the WLMPs produced for each of the drainage areas on the Pevensey Levels in 1997 into a single WLMP. This new WLMP updates the 1997 information and provides a significant increase in the level of detail and understanding of water levels management of the site.

Air Quality Input for Habitats Regulations Assessment: Pevensey Levels October 2017 (pdf)

This report provides information in order to inform the Habitats Regulations Assessment of the Wealden Local Plan regarding the potential for adverse air quality impacts on the Pevensey Levels Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Ramsar Site.

Lewes Downs SAC

Air Quality Assessment Lewes Downs SAC October 2017 (pdf)

This report provides information in order to inform the Habitats Regulations Assessment of the Wealden Local Plan regarding the potential for adverse air quality impacts on the Lewes Downs Special Area of Conservation (SAC).