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Wealden Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) 2017

Regeneris Consulting Ltd was commissioned by Wealden District Council to undertake a review of its Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) that was published in August 2016. The aim of this work was to provide an updated assessment of the OAN based on the most recent (2014-based) population and household projections released by the ONS and DCLG respectively in June 2016. The initial study (published in February, 2017) focused on a proposed plan period for 2013 to 2037 and the most recent update (published in March, 2017) focuses on a proposed plan period for 2013 to 2028.

Wealden Local Plan - Viability Report 2017

BPS Chartered Surveyors was commissioned by Wealden District Council to undertake a viability assessment to test the cumulative impacts on the viability of the planning policies in Proposed Draft Submission of the Wealden Local Plan (March 2017). This approach is in accordance with the paragraphs 6 and 173 of the NPPF, which seeks to ensure that schemes are not subject to such a scale of obligations and policy burdens that their ability to be developed viably is threatened.

 Wealden Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2016 

The Wealden District Council Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) was completed by Billfinger GVA who were commissioned by Wealden District Council to undertake the study. The purpose of this study was to understand Wealden District Council's current and future housing market and how this relates to the District's housing growth and needs. Specifically, the SHMA identifies levels of housing demand and produces estimates of households in affordable housing need, including the requirements of specific needs groups.

Housing needs in relation to Gypsy and Travellers Accommodation can be found on the Gypsy and Travellers webpage.



Viability Testing 2013

Roger Tym & Partners (part of Peter Brett Associates) were commissioned by Wealden District Council (WDC) to provide viability testing of Strategic Development Areas (SDA's) identified within the Proposed Submission Strategic Sites Local Plan (SSLP). Each of the 10 SDA's which include housing development have been tested to ensure that the combined impact of the Council's proposed Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), Affordable Housing Policy and other Section 106 demands and general requirements of planning policy are both affordable and deliverable by the private sector. A copy of the viability appraisals for each SDA can be found in Appendix 1.

Wealden Housing Needs Assessment 2010

This study, prepared by Fordham Research, provides a detailed analysis of the extent of housing need in the parishes of Wealden following the approach set out in the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Practice Guidance. The results from the study will provide evidence to support the development of affordable housing across the District.

Wealden Housing Viability Assessment 2009

This study, prepared by Three Dragons, looks at the impact of affordable housing and other Section 106 contributions for the viability of housing schemes. The study is a response to the requirement within PPS3 that local authorities should consider viability when setting affordable housing targets.

Wealden Housing Market Assessment 2007

This Housing Market Assessment considers the North and South of Wealden as two separate areas. Therefore a separate document has been produced for the Eastbourne housing market area which includes the southern part of Wealden.