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Wealden Local Plan Transport Study 2017

The Wealden Local Plan Transport Study (WLPTS) 2017 was commissioned jointly by East Sussex County Council and Wealden District Council. The WLPTS 2017 was undertaken to test the transport impacts of revised development proposals coming forward in Wealden District Council's Draft Proposed Submission Wealden Local Plan. The new Wealden Local Plan (WLP) will cover the period to 2028, and when adopted will replace the existing WDC Core Strategy Local Plan (WCSLP) covering the period to 2027.

Movement and Access Strategy for Hellingly and Hailsham (MASHH)

A Movement and Access Strategy has been commissioned by East Sussex County Council. It has produced a series of prioritised and costed schemes for Hailsham and Hellingly. These include: an improved access junction to the A22 from Hempstead Lane; a single roundabout for South Road, Diplocks Way and Ersham Road; measures to relieve town centre traffic; an Eastbourne - Hailsham express bus service; improvements for pedestrians and real time bus information. The report can be downloaded below;

A MASHH Steering Group was set up to ensure that improvements in infrastructure keep pace with these changes and support the economic growth and jobs the local community needs. It is made up of representatives from Hailsham Town Council, Hellingly Parish Council, Wealden District Council and East Sussex County Council. One of the schemes being taken forward by the Steering Group is improvements to Hailsham Town Centre. For further information on the scheme and to view the plans, please visit the Hailsham Town Centre Improvements Scheme on East Sussex County Council's website.