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Planning Policy Documents

Local Development Scheme  

The Local Development Scheme document sets out the timetable for the production of the Local Development Framework. It states what the Council will do, and when, and identifies opportunities for public involvement in the preparation of Local Development Documents.

Statement Of Community Involvement 

Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, all planning authorities are required to produce a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). The SCI sets out how and when a planning authority will carry out consultations and involve the community in both the preparation of planning policy documents and decisions on planning applications.

Authority Monitoring Report (Incorporating CIL Reporting) 2016-17 (pdf)

Wealden District Council is required to produce an Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) that assesses the effectiveness of its current Local Plan policies and also to highlight for local communities the progress made with the emerging Local Plan timetable, Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) amongst other matters. An Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) is required by legislation to assess the implementation of the Local Development Scheme and the extent to which policies in the local development documents are being achieved. The Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) 2016- 2017 was adopted following a Portfolio Holder Decision. Previous Annual Monitoring Reports are available below:

Wealden Design Guide

The Wealden Design Guide has been adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document, the purpose of this guide is to encourage a higher standard of design for development within the District. Wealden is predominantly a rural district and is larger than most, encompassing a number of well defined areas whose character is drawn from the local landscape and building materials which derive from that landscape. These elements contribute significantly to the local distinctiveness and it is the aim of this document to ensure that new development (in particular the larger schemes) does not dilute this distinctiveness.

Sustainability Appraisal

The Sustainability Appraisal evaluates the social, economic and environmental impacts of policies and strategies in a Local Plan to ensure that the policies and strategies are in accordance with Sustainable Development objectives.


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