Wealden District Council

How to Deal with Additional Waste

Not enough space in your waste bin

On average each household produces just under a tonne of waste every year. By limiting the amount that we collect we hope to encourage residents to reduce the amount of waste they produce and recycle.

There are several steps to reducing the amount of waste you are producing:

Step 1

Identify any materials that can be recycled at one of the Neighbourhood Recycling Points (NRPs) or Household Waste Recycling Site (external link) (HWRS).

Paper, , Beverage Cartonsand  be taken to most NRPs within the District or can be recycled through your New Recycling Service.

- These can be taken to one of the NRPs or HWRS. We can currently take any plastic bottle. This includes bottles for milk, drinks, shampoo, water and household cleaning products. Please remember to wash and squash your bottles and remove the lids. These can also be recycled through your New Recycling Service.

Textiles and Shoes - Old clothes, sheets, blankets, rags and shoes can be recycled in the Salvation Army textile banks at some of our NRPs where it is sorted into items that can be reused, items that can be repaired and anything else that is then recycled in to furniture padding, industrial cloths or paper. Alternatively, you can donate any reusable clothes to a charity shop of your choice.

Electrical Items (WEEE) - Due to the new Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, electrical items can no longer be placed in the landfill bin. These need to be taken to one of the Household Waste Recycling Site (external link) (HWRS) or to one of our Neighbourhood Recycling Points for recycling. Mobile phones are also accepted but you can donate these to certain charities.

CDs & DVDs - These can be taken to one of the HWRS, they can be taken to the Council office at either Crowborough or Hailsham where they are sent to Beacon Press in Uckfield for recycling. Alternatively, they can be taken to the NRP at Tesco in Uckfield or placed in the Salvation Army book bank in Croft Road, Crowborough or Co-op, Heathfield.

Printer Cartridges - These are accepted by several charities for recycling.

Books - Books are accept at the HWRS, the NRPs at Croft Road in Crowborough, Co-op Car Park in Heathfield or Tesco Car Park in Uckfield or can be donated to certain charity shops.

Batteries - These can also be recycled through your New Recycling Service, just put them into a carrier bag and put them out next to your recycling bin. Alternatively they can be taken to one of the HWRS or sent back to the manufacturer.

Additionally check your local supermarket or electrical store to see if they participate in a take-back scheme for used batteries. You can now find battery banks in the reception of our Pine Grove office in Crowborough and Vicarage Lane office in Hailsham. Go to the Battery Back - Recycling website (external link) to see if there is a battery collection point near to you.

Plastic Bags -  can now be  recycled through your New Recycling Service. Also most supermarkets are now accepting these back for recycling. 

Other Items - The HWRS accept additional materials for recycling from wood to furniture to cooking oil. They also retrieve any items that are in good condition to sell on site please see our Recyclopaedia recycling directory.

Step 2

Waste Reduction - the Three R's - Reduce the amount of rubbish being placed in the waste bin.

Step 3

Ensure that everything left in the waste bin is squashed down as much as possible. Try using carrier bags instead of black bags as you will get better results.

Step 4

If you are still having problems with the capacity of the waste bin please contact Waste Management using the details below to discuss the options available to you, larger wheelie bins are available in certain circumstances.

Contact the Waste Management Team