Wealden District Council

Recycling and Waste Collection Container size

Bin size details

140 Litre Wheeled Bin
Height: 1060mm, Width: 480mm, Depth: 550mm
Maximum Load: 48kg approx 2-3 bags.

180 Litre Wheeled Bin
Height: 1060mm, Width: 540mm, Depth: 650mm
Maximum Load: 72kg approx 3-4 bags.

240 Litre Wheeled Bin 
Height: 1060mm, Width: 570mm, Depth: 720mm
Maximum Load: 96kg approx 3-4 bags.

360 Litre Wheeled Bin
Height: 1115mm, Width: 580mm, Depth: 870mm
Maximum Load: 144kg approx 5-6 bags.

660 Litre Wheeled Bin
Height: 1215mm, Width: 1370mm, Depth: 770mm
Maximum Load: 264kg approx 10-12 bags.

1100 Litre Wheeled Bin
Height: 1465mm, Width: 1370mm, Depth: 1070mm
Maximum Load: 440kg approx 15-18 bags.

Recycling Box
Height: 305mm, Width: 565mm, Depth: 440mm
Capacity: 40 Litres.

*Please note bins' dimensions may vary slightly, as over the years we have used different bin manufacturers.