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Assisted Collection Service

What is an Assisted Collection?

Wealden District Council requires that residents place their bins at the boundary of their property on the appropriate day for collection. However we do recognise that some people are unable to do this for a number of reasons. In those cases we offer an 'Assisted Collection' where we collect and return the bins from an agreed and convenient location.

Who qualifies for assisted collections?

The following people qualify for assisted collections:

  • A person who is incapable due to age and/or infirmity from placing the wheelie bin out for collection,
  • A person who is disabled as defined by section 114 (6) of the Housing Act 1989,
  • A person living in a property where there is no-one else who is able-bodied in the household that can place the wheelie bin out,
  • A case where the Council decides that special circumstances exist.

Who does not qualify?

The following people do not qualify for assisted collections:

  • Those with long access drives either public, private or shared.
  • Those residents who go away for long periods of time or work away from home.

Some households faced with these issues leave the bin permanently at their entrances (semi-concealed if at all possible) and place their household waste in small quantities into the bins as they leave the premises.

How can I arrange an Assisted Collection?

If you consider that you are eligible for an Assisted Collection, please contact us using the details below.

What happens next?

Once we have received your request for an assisted collection, we will discuss with you the location of the bin and fill in the necessary forms. Collections will commence on your next  rubbish or recycling collection after we have agreed the Assisted Collection.

Contact the Waste Management Team