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How Does Your Service Work?

Recycling and Rubbish Collections

On the same day each week we will collect either your recycling bin or your rubbish bin. Your recycling bin will be collected one week and your rubbish bin emptied the following week.

Garden Waste Collection

Your garden waste bin will be collected fortnightly, but this may be on a different day from your other collections.

Recycling Collection - One Week

Your recycling will be collected on one week.  The containers listed below will be collected:

  • Recycling Bin
  • Recycling Box for glass - this needs to be placed next to your recycling bin, not in it.
  • Carrier Bags for batteries

Find out what goes in each container.


Example of a Black Rubbish Bin which accepts materials as listed

Rubbish Collection - The Following Week

Your rubbish bin will be emptied the following week.

Find out what goes in each container.

Example of a Brown Garden Waste Bin which accepts materials as listed

Garden Waste - Fortnightly Collections

Your garden waste bin will be collected fortnightly.

Find out what goes in each container.

For more information on the new recycling service please see our Waste Collection Service - Frequently Asked Questions

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