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Recycling Service - What Goes in Each Container

Find out your collection days and download a calendar using our Bin Collection Day Search.

Please note, recycling bins issued before April 2013 are grey.

Example of a Brown Garden Waste Bin which accepts materials as listed

Garden Waste Bin (free opt-in service)

  • Grass cuttings,
  • Hedge trimmings,
  • Shrub and flower cuttings
  • Branches (up to 10cm/4" diameter),
  • Weeds,
  • Roots,
  • Leaves
  • Herbivorous pet bedding.

Please do not place any of the following items in this bin: food waste (e.g. vegetable peelings), plastics, soil, rubble, cardboard, paper, cat litter, dog waste, treated/ painted wood or Japanese knotweed.

Back Box For Glass

Recycling Box

  • Glass bottles and jars
To ensure collection, please place recycling box next to your recycling bin, not in it. Please do not place any of the following items in this box: Pyrex/ovenproof glassware, drinking glasses, crockery, window panes, mirrors, lids or light bulbs.  

Batteries In A Carrier Bag which accepts materials as listed

Batteries (e.g. in supermarket carrier bags)

    Place household batteries in a separate carrier bag next to your recycling bin, but not in it. Please don't use black bin liners. A supermarket carrier bag is fine.

Example of a Black Rubbish Bin which accepts materials as listed

Rubbish Bin

  • For items you cannot recycle such as food waste, cat litter/dog waste and disposable nappies. Put any cat litter/dog waste and nappies into a bag before putting them into your bin. Please do not place builders' rubble, soil, hot ashes or garden waste in this bin.

Assisted Collections

If you are struggling to get your bin/recycling box to the edge of your property, we can provide an assisted collection. This means the crew will collect your bins and box from an agreed collection point and return your containers once emptied.

If you or somebody you know requires an assisted collection, please get in touch.

For more information on the your recycling service please see Your Waste Collection Service - Frequently Asked Questions

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