Wealden District Council


Garden Waste FAQ's

The brown bin will be emptied fortnightly from the edge of your property as normal, except for a two week suspension over the Christmas and New Year period. Please continue to put out the brown bin for collection on the dates listed on your current garden waste calendar. Please make sure your bin is out from 7am on collection day. Any garden waste that is not in your bin will not be collected.

All customers who sign up will be sent a licence sticker to attach to the brown bin. Bins that do not display the sticker will not be emptied and may be removed.

If you have lots of garden waste you may wish to pay for a second garden waste bin for an additional £50 per year. Alternatively, you can take your garden waste free of charge to your local Household Waste Recycling Site (external link).

Yes, you can sign up at any point during the year. You will pay for the remaining months on a pro-rata basis until the end of the subscription period (30th June).

What can I put in the garden waste bin?

 Yes Please  No thanks
 Grass cuttings  Food waste e.g. vegetable peelings
Hedge trimmings  Plastics (including plants pots and polystyrene)
 Shrub and flower cuttings  Soil and rubble
 Branches ( up to 10cm/4" diameter)  Cardboard and paper
 Weeds  Ashes
 Roots  Cat litter and dog waste
 Leaves  Japanese Knotweed
 Herbivorous pet bedding Treated or painted wood 

You can share a bin with a neighbour. However, one of you will need to subscribe to and pay for the service. The bin will be registered to one property and collected from that address.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any concessions or discounts.

  • If you don’t want to sign up for the new service you do not need to contact us.
  • Your final free collection will be the last scheduled collection in June.
  • We will need to remove the bin for re-use or recycling.  Please continue to place the empty bin out on your scheduled collection days and it will be removed by the end of July.

We recommend that garden waste is composted at home or taken to a Household Waste Recycling Site (external link)  if you do not wish to subscribe to the garden waste service.

Home composting is the most environmentally friendly method of dealing with your garden waste. Lots of helpful advice is available at the East Sussex website (external link) – just search for ‘composting’. Great value compost bins can be ordered from Getcomposting, by calling 0844 5714444 or by visiting the East Sussex get composting website (external link). Prices start at £18.50 plus £5.99 for delivery.

Residential bonfires cause air pollution and can be a nuisance.

No, garden waste cannot be placed in the refuse or recycling bin. These bins will not be emptied if they contain garden waste.

If you move within Wealden, please contact us if you wish to transfer your subscription to your new property.

If you move outside of Wealden, please let us know so we can cancel your subscription.

Although spring and summer are when most garden waste is collected, the majority of customers continue to use the garden waste service throughout the year as there are many garden maintenance jobs even over the winter.

All properties currently provided with communal collection facilities for the use of residents were contacted in April. It will be a decision for the managing agent or residents' association whether they wish to pay for the service to continue. They will need to create a My Wealden account and sign up by 1 June to ensure an uninterrupted service. All communal bins for the new garden waste service will be 240 litres.

The service is for residential use only. If a paid contractor is used to carry out the garden work, they are required to remove any waste generated and may not use any bins provided by the Council.

Customers will be able to subscribe and pay for up to two garden waste bins at their property. Each bin will cost £50 per year.

No, the service costs £50 per bin each year whether you use a 140 litre or 240 litre bin. The majority of the cost in operating the service is with the vehicles, fuel and staff and this is the same when collecting either size bin.

If you pay for the services of a commercial gardener they have a statutory duty to lawfully dispose of the waste they produce themselves. The brown bins are provided for the use of residents only and must not be used to dispose of waste produced by commercial gardening services.

No, from the experience of other authorities that have started charging for garden waste services there has been little evidence of an increase in the fly tipping of garden waste. The majority of fly tips in Wealden are from commercial sources and rogue traders rather than householders. Wealden has a strong and effective enforcement team that investigates incidents and pursues prosecutions where necessary.

As long as your garden waste was presented on the scheduled collection day at the boundary of your property by 7am and only contained the correct contents, the crews will return. Please report any missed collections by 5pm the following working day, online at My Wealden . Unfortunately, we are unable to return for missed collections reported later than this.

Garden waste collected from the kerbside in Wealden will be composted locally at the Woodlands Composting Plant, Whitesmith and turned into a quality soil conditioner. Bags of this soil conditioner can be purchased at your local Household Waste Recycling Sites (external link) .