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Thin Plastic Film Recycling

Wealden residents can now recycle their plastic film in the recycling bin.

Residents are now able to recycle thin plastic packaging such as bread bags and cereal liners at their local supermarket.

Some supermarkets which collect plastic carrier bags for recycling, will now also accept clean plastic film packaging in the same facilities. This thin plastic, also wrapped around multipacks of cans, tins and other household goods, such as toilet roll, makes up 43% of all household packaging, around 645,000 tonnes in the UK every year.

What types of plastic film are accepted?

They accept any low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film which is sometimes marked with a number 4, for example;

  • plastic wrappers from bakery goods
  • plastic breakfast cereal liners
  • plastic wrappers from multipacks of cans Logo for Plastic Film Recycling
  • plastic toilet roll wrappers
  • plastic bags from fruit and veg
  • plastic carrier bags
  • plastic bread bags
  • plastic freezer bags
  • plastic magazine wrap
  • plastic shrink wrap

What types of plastic film do they not accept?

  • bubble wrap
  • cling film

If you are unsure look out for the label on the packet, an example of which is on the right, which should say "recycle with your carrier bags at larger stores - not at the kerbside".

Where can I take plastic film?


Crowborough - Pine Grove, Crowborough, TN6 1DP.


Heathfield - Station Road, Heathfield, TN21 8LD. - branch will be setting aside a trolley where residents can leave their old bags for reuse or recycling.


Crowborough - Croft Road, Crowborough, TN6 1DL.

Hailsham - Vicarage Field, Hailsham, BN27 1BE.

Uckfield - 96-98 High Street, Uckfield, TN22 1PU.

The Co-op:

Heathfield - 110 High St, Heathfield, TN21 8JD. - Have a bin for all kinds of plastics


Crowborough - Sybron Way, Crowborough, TN6 3DZ.

Uckfield - Bell Farm Road, Uckfield, TN22 1BA.

Hailsham - North Street, Hailsham, BN27 1DN.

What happens to the plastic film?

The supermarkets collect it at the front of the store and then they use "reverse haulage" so when new stock is delivered the empty truck takes away all their plastic wrapping. The plastic is recycled at a variety of UK reprocessors who use it to make recycled plastic carrier bags and rubbish bags.