Electric Car Charging Points

01 January 2011


Does Wealden have any plans to introduce Electric Car Charging Points in any of its Car parks please?

Thank you in advance,



Dear Diane, 

Thank you for your enquiry. We do not currently have any plans to introduce electric car charging points in any of our car parks. 

The Coalition Government is undertaking the Plugged-in Places programme which works with local consortia to provide trials into setting up an electric vehicle recharging infrastructure. Given the distances involved in travelling within Wealden and the current financial climate, it is difficult to see such an investment taking place at this stage. A partnership with the private sector may be forthcoming in the future but I suspect there would need to be robust evidence of a high level of public demand for such charging points within Wealden. 

However, we would be supportive of any appropriate initiatives to encourage residents and visitors to use renewable energy wherever possible. The Council is committed to working for a sustainable environment for the future, and aims to encourage the production of renewable energy provided that it does not detract from the visual quality of the district. Kind regards

Claire Dowling,
Deputy Leader,
Wealden District Council