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Pedestrianisation of Crowborough High Street

12 October 2011


I am the manager of three businesses in Crowborough High Street.

Times are tough at present and any project that might add some impetus to in particular foot fall in the High Street would be very welcome.

It was suggested to me some months back that there were plans to pedestrianise the High Street in Crowborough, is this still the case?  If not what other plans do you have to assist local business?

In addition the current roadwork's in Croft Road have already had a definite impact on our turnover. I know that you'll say that the work was essential, but this is probably the last thing we need now during these difficult times.


Andy Dobson


Dear Mr Dobson,

Thank you for your questions.

I appreciate that with the current economic climate that the retail units in Wealden face a particularly difficult time.

The pedestrianisation of the High Street in Crowborough has been suggested but this is at a very early stage and no definite plans are in place.

There is limited amount that the District Council can do increase footfall in the short term although we encourage the public to shop locally. In the longer term we are working with Crowborough Town Council and the Crowborough Partnership in the development of the Council's office site in Pine Grove. A mix of business and residential development will have a positive input into the local economy.  

The road works, authorised by the County Council, were considered urgent. They have now been completed, on schedule, which I am sure is welcome news to local traders.


Bob Standley

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