Missed Bin Collection

14 February 2012


Cllr Standley,

In London Road, Uckfield we were due a landfill waste collection on Monday 6th. We still have not had a collection on Friday 10th. I know this was caused by the snow clearance on Sunday/Monday but I know The Tuesday- Friday collections were normal and the Monday collection has been pushed to the back. This would not be a great problem with weekly collections, but with the quantity accumulating over 2 weeks this is clearly unsatisfactory. It would have made more sense to push all collections back a day. Could you have words with the waste collection department and voice this concern?

Brian Lambert


Dear Mr Lambert


Thank you for your question re waste collection. On Monday 6 February, the snow and ice in the north of the district meant we were unable to safely send out refuse vehicles from our Jarvis Brook depot. Rather than pushing back the rest of the week's collections by a day and,  in doing so upsetting everyone's routine, we have been attempting to finish Monday's outstanding collections by using crews once they have completed their assigned rounds. However this process has been progressing slower than we had hoped due to vehicle breakdowns and  an outbreak of the winter vomiting bug at the Jarvis Brook depot.


I have checked with Waste Management and understand that the outstanding collection was completed on Thursday 16 February. Our website contains the latest information when collections are delayed. I hope you appreciate the difficulties the bad weather can bring to collections and that we do our utmost to keep any inconvenience to a minimum.



Bob Standley