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Positioning of trade recycling bins



I live above a pharmacy and they now have 2 large rectangle bins on the road which is limiting parking for me outside my property. They have a shed on the concreted area next to the gate. On one occasion I was blocked in and put there bin on the concreted area where it didn’t block any entrance or exit.  They put note on there saying that it has to stay on the road... do they have to stay stuck out in the road limiting parking spots or should they be put  it on the concreted area?

They claim that it is not allowed on the concreted area but it is not a public footpath. I was wondering if I could have some advice as they seem to be getting away with whatever they want to do, even stressing my dogs out by drilling a new sign (onto the property that I am renting) but yet I got a call from estate agent saying that they have had a complaint about it all etc... I had no notification that this sign was going up and nor did estate agents, but yet they still been allowed to keep it. Please any help on where these bins can be placed would be very much appreciated.


Thank-you for getting in touch. The location of the trade waste bins is a matter for the landowner. Wealden District Council does not operate a trade waste collection service, so you will have to talk to the pharmacy manager about who is responsible for their waste collection and what can be done about the location and return of the bins once they are emptied. If this relates to the public highway, please contact East Sussex County Council Highways Authority.

If you are unable to achieve a reasonable outcome with the landowner, you might wish to contact your local Citizen’s Advice office.


Bob Standley

Pedestrian crossing in Horam


Dear Councillor Bob Standley,

I live in Horam, beautiful village, great people here. Shops, pharmacy, caravan parks, Horam Manor Fam with Cafe on the site, stables and other businesses and a new development added to the equation. Quite a busy village I would say. My question is: when are we going to get a pedestrian crossing in the High Street?!

There is no crossing for the kids. Me and my three children have to cross the road every morning on the way to and from school, it's a nightmare. Sometimes I have to wait 5 minutes on the spot to be able to cross till someone stops for us eventually or if there are no cars coming.


There's a speed limit sign of 30 mph but I would say maybe 40% of driver’s respect that.  It could be that the sign is not that visible? The scariest part is when there are big lorries on A267 approaching the hill with more than 30mph by Horebeech Lane down the hill; trying to slow down because there are people crossing the road, which is an accident waiting to happen! What about the small roundabout on the top of that hill? - that will slow down the traffic.  In the mornings and afternoons there are children crossing the road to and from their school buses. Because there is no safe crossing between the bus stops, elderly people who only travel by bus to pick up their medications from the local pharmacy have to struggle across the road. That is not a very nice picture. I've seen one elderly man so scared in the middle of the road when a car approached him with speed that he tried to run and he barely could walk. How can it be! That's just unfair! There is more and more people visiting our village and something needs to be done, please! It won’t be long before someone gets badly hurt and then it will be too late. . Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards

Agnieszka Wysocka


Dear Ms Wysocka.

I share your concerns about the need for better provision for pedestrians in Horam.  Part of the planning consent for the Merrydown site development included provision a pedestrian crossing facility across the A267 as well as a mini-roundabout at Horebeech Lane. I understand that the builder delivering the Merrydown site has financial problems which may delay the delivery of the road improvements.


You may also be aware that Wealden District Council is proposing the construction of a crematorium on the outskirts of the village. I have asked officers to consider whether at the same time that the road improvements are made for that development, that the Council look at implementing the improvements required in the Merrydown permission and recovering the cost from that development at a later date. I can’t give you a date at present but assure you that the Council is aware of the problem and are liaising with the County Council which is responsible for highways.


Bob Standley

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