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The Leader of Wealden District Council is Councillor Bob Standley. He will be pleased to answer any question you may have about Wealden District Council's policies, or other matters involving the Council, which you think are of interest to people living, working or visiting Wealden.

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Councillor Standley is the Conservative Leader of the Cabinet of Wealden District Council and has represented Wadhurst since 2004.

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Please could you help me by answering the following questions? I am a Wealden District Council tax payer and would like to know the following:-

Do community officers have a uniform?

Do they carry identity cards?

Do they have their pictures on them if they carry them?

Do they have their names on them if they carry them ?

Do they have a code of conduct?

If asked "Could I have your name"  would they be able to refuse to give it with a flat "NO"?

Would you consider that flashing something under someone's nose quickly which was impossible to see constituted proof of identity?

These may seem strange questions but in these times when identity means so much it would not be unreasonable to know who you are dealing with.

I look forward to your explanation as soon as possible please.

Thank you.

H Rogers.


Dear H Rogers,


Thank you for getting in touch. Our Estate Wardens, who provide assistance on our council-owned housing estates, and our Community Wardens, who supervise our off-street car parking, wear uniforms which incorporate the Council’s logo and carry identity cards which include the Council logo, and officer's photograph. They would allow anyone who asked to see it sufficient time to do so. Their activities are covered by a code of conduct. They would provide a phone number which a person could use to verify the officer’s activities, in order to provide reassurance.

I am sure you are familiar with the Council’s logo. If you do think one of our officers has failed to provide you with the appropriate identification when asked, I would urge you to contact our customer service team with a description of the person and details of the time and place the incident took place.

This will help us ascertain if one of our officer was involved, and provide you with information about how you can make a complaint, should you wish.


Thank-you again for bringing this matter to my attention.







Bob Standley


Succession of Tenancy


 I have just found out from the Council’s booklet, that was posted to us  at Pevensey where I am living and looking after my mum who is the tenant, that the tenancy will not be passed onto me as a successor as process has changed.  This seems to be unfair as my mum had tried to put my name on tenancy but was advised she did not need to do this as I was had been living here for years with her looking after my dad who had Alzheimer’s and now I look after my mum who has Parkinson's disease.

I know that the succession rights have changed. My mum had been advised on several occasions that I would keep this house and feel quite upset at the thought of leaving my home. Could you please advise.

Thank you.

Shirley Austin


Dear Ms Austin,

I have been looking into this matter on your behalf.

The current situation would permit one succession to the tenancy upon the death of the tenant. Taking your situation as an example were there has been no previous successions: Should the current tenant pass away, as long as occupation criteria could be established and there were no other partners or siblings claiming the right to succeed, it is likely that you would succeed your mother’s tenancy.


But you must bear in mind that a three bed property would be considered too large for the needs of one person. In such a case, the tenant would be asked to relocate to a smaller property, more suited to their needs. They would still be able to keep the secure tenancy status in the alternative property.


The Council have never granted tenancies across generations, so it is not possible for a mother and daughter to hold a joint tenancy.


Unfortunately there is another factor you should consider. New legislation proposed in the Housing and Planning Act 2016 restricts the rights of family members to succeed to local authority tenancies.   Only spouses or civil partners will be permitted to succeed to a secure tenancy.


When this comes into force, it will be unlikely that the tenancy can be passed on between the generations such as between a mother and a child.


Should you be concerned about these latest changes, you may wish to seek independent legal advice, either from a solicitor, Citizens Advice or a Housing Law Centre.





Bob Standley



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