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The Leader of Wealden District Council is Councillor Bob Standley. He will be pleased to answer any question you may have about Wealden District Council's policies, or other matters involving the Council, which you think are of interest to people living, working or visiting Wealden.

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Councillor Standley is the Conservative Leader of the Cabinet of Wealden District Council and has represented Wadhurst since 2004.

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Access for refuse collections


Question :- How can we get our refuse bins collected? They are constantly not emptied due to cars parked at the end of our road. Residents have been asked not to park there but continue to do so. The problem has only occurred since the council started sending larger vehicles which now have problems getting up the road.


I have contacted cllr.rowena.moore who I understand is the person responsible for Bin Collections but have had not reply. I have asked the Council for help. I have been abused by other residents in my efforts to get our bins emptied. What can we do?

Mary Hutton


Dear Mary Hutton,

I have contacted our waste management team about this and access to Goodwood Close has become a problem recently due to parked cars on this narrow road. You live in an urban area and our waste contractors, Kier, need to use a large vehicle in order to service the required number of properties during a daily round.

As Goodwood Close is a private road, the Police have no authority of parking enforcement so it is the responsibility of residents to ensure access is maintained for collection vehicles.

I would have thought there would be a road committee or some other body responsible for the upkeep of your road, and if you could forward their contact details, we would be happy to raise this issue with them and discuss what signage could be used to ensure badly parked vehicles do not impede the access of refuse vehicles, and as likely, those vehicles that are used by the emergency services.

We did send out a letter to local residents last year about the need to provide sufficient access for refuse vehicles. In the light of these recent issues, we will send out another reminder so they are aware if the problems that parking in the Close may be causing.

Councillor Rowena Moore is no longer the Cabinet member responsible for waste management. This person is Councillor Roy Galley. I will keep him informed of the situation.



Bob Standley

Southern railway's policy and mobility restrictions



I write regarding Southern railway decision to withdraw conductors from their trains. I am concerned that removing conductors from their trains could mean that residents in our community, who suffer from mobility restrictions, could be unable to board trains at Berwick.

Without the conductor on board, providing information or assistance, they might not even miss their stop Could you please advise how Wealden Council will help protect their residents to freely travel on trains? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you

 Michael Litchfield


Dear Mr Litchfield,

Thank-you for your enquiry. We had a long and very informative debate at our November Full Council meeting about the current Southern railways dispute and the problems it has been causing for local residents. The needs of disabled passengers were one of the issues it helped to highlight. You can watch debate in full on a webcast here: https://wealden.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/227138 . 

Councillors were unanimous in their call for the unions and Southern railways to find a solution to the current dispute as a matter of urgency.  We would expect such a solution not to be detrimental in any way to travellers with mobility restrictions.

Bob Standley

For information on any of the Ask The Leader questions listed please contact our Communications Officer on pr@wealden.gov.uk.