Wealden District Council

Equality Monitoring

What is Equality Monitoring?

Equality Monitoring is the process by which councils request and gather information from our customers, staff and service users.

Monitoring is about collecting information that will help us make sure services are meeting peoples' needs.  It will help us to know if our services are performing well and if they are reaching all those who need to access them.

Requests for equality monitoring information will include questions about your age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and whether or not you have a disability (the protected characteristics).

There is no legal requirement to collect and use equality information, however, we need this to help us meet our duties under the Equality Act.

Equality Monitoring Data

The list below shows the equality monitoring information that we have collated for our various service areas (where possible, this has been broken down by protected characteristics):

Please note: we will be adding more equality monitoring information for other service areas shortly.