Wealden District Council - News http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/Web_News_Home.aspx View the latest news from the Council Copyright (c) Wealden District Council en 60 http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_BirlingGapSteps245572.aspx Birling Gap Steps Following completion of demolition work, Wealden District Council intends to re-open the stairs at Birling Gap to allow access to the beach over Easter. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_BirlingGapSteps245572.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_029YourlastchancetoregisterfortheEuropeanElections245560.aspx Your last chance to register for the European Elections The European Parliamentary Elections are taking place on Thursday 22 May, at polling stations all over Wealden. But if you haven’t registered, you won’t be able to take part. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_029YourlastchancetoregisterfortheEuropeanElections245560.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_028Addinglifetoyearsnotjustyearstoyourlife245459.aspx Adding life to years, not just years to your life Wealden District Council is hosting another free, fact-packed Information Day on Tuesday 29 April 2014 from 10 am to 1pm at St John's Church Hall, Polegate to help older members of the community get more out of life. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_028Addinglifetoyearsnotjustyearstoyourlife245459.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Easterrefuseandrecyclingcollections245474.aspx Easter refuse and recycling collections Refuse and Recycling collections scheduled for Good Friday (18 April) and Easter Monday (21 April) will take place as normal on those days. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Easterrefuseandrecyclingcollections245474.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_012NationalawardforWealdenOfficerfuelpovertywork240204.aspx National award for Wealden Officer fuel poverty work Abdul Hussain, Home Energy Efficiency Officer at Wealden District Council, has been presented with his National Energy Action’s Heat for Heroes award. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_012NationalawardforWealdenOfficerfuelpovertywork240204.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_WealdenBusinesseslearnhowtocompeteintheglobaldigitalmarketplace243168.aspx Wealden Businesses learn how to compete in the global digital market place Over 35 Wealden businesses have benefitted from a seminar with UK Trade & Investment at last week’s Wealden Business Breakfast ahead of British Export Week 7 - 11 April. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_WealdenBusinesseslearnhowtocompeteintheglobaldigitalmarketplace243168.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_SuperfastbroadbandcomestoHadlowDown243142.aspx Superfast broadband comes to Hadlow Down Hadlow Down has become one of the first villages to benefit from East Sussex County Council and BT's superfast broadband initiative Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_SuperfastbroadbandcomestoHadlowDown243142.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_GardenWasteRecycling-Makesureyouknowyourcollectiondate243151.aspx Garden Waste Recycling - Make sure you know your collection date From this week (April 7) we are adding another 5000 residents to our Garden Waste Recycling scheme. Some residents will have been given a new collection day as part of round changes to allow for the expansion. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_GardenWasteRecycling-Makesureyouknowyourcollectiondate243151.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_EnergyPop-UpShopSaves1000sForHailshamResidents243120.aspx Energy Pop-Up Shop Saves £1000s For Hailsham Residents More Energy Pop-Up shops are planned for towns in the Wealden District following a a successful five day run in Hailsham which helped save residents £1000s. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_EnergyPop-UpShopSaves1000sForHailshamResidents243120.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Unpromptedofferstoreduceyourcounciltaxorofferarefund241460.aspx Unprompted offers to reduce your council tax or offer a refund We have received information that some residents are being approached by bogus companies seeking to charge for assistance in getting their council tax banding reduced. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Unpromptedofferstoreduceyourcounciltaxorofferarefund241460.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_027WitnessthestrengthofStreetLearning243092.aspx Witness the strength of Street Learning From April, Wealden District Council is joining up with Eastbourne Homes to provide free courses to local residents as part of the Street Learning initiative. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_027WitnessthestrengthofStreetLearning243092.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_MoretrafficimprovementsannouncedforHailshamTownCentre243059.aspx More traffic improvements announced for Hailsham Town Centre Work will begin on the 7 April to remove a local Hailsham bottleneck in North Street caused by Post Office lorries loading and unloading opposite to the Asda car park. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_MoretrafficimprovementsannouncedforHailshamTownCentre243059.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Areyoupayingtoomuchforyourhouseholdenergy243042.aspx Are you paying too much for your household energy? Have an expert check out your energy bills at the Energy Pop-up Shop in Hailsham and pick up some money-saving tips Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Areyoupayingtoomuchforyourhouseholdenergy243042.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_026SavingHailshamsbelltower243050.aspx Saving Hailsham's bell tower Action will shortly be taken to save the foundations of Hailsham Church’s 14th century bell tower. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_026SavingHailshamsbelltower243050.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_025Wealdentakesactionondangeroustrees242953.aspx Wealden takes action on dangerous trees Wealden District Council is taking action to remove a number of neglected leylandii trees in Oakwood Drive that have become a growing cause of concern for local residents. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_025Wealdentakesactionondangeroustrees242953.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_023Wealdensupportstownandvillagedevelopment242921.aspx Wealden supports town and village development Wealden District Council’s commitment to supporting local business was demonstrated on 12 March at an innovative “Marketing Your Town” event which focused on regeneration initiatives and ideas within their towns and villages. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_023Wealdensupportstownandvillagedevelopment242921.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_ExportWeek7-11April242930.aspx Export Week 7- 11 April As part of export week, UK Trade & Investment is organising a half day export seminar in Brighton on Monday 7 April. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_ExportWeek7-11April242930.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_024FunandSafetycomesbacktoCrowboroughCommunityCentrebypopulardemand!243111.aspx Fun and Safety comes back to Crowborough Community Centre by popular demand! On Tuesday April 15, Wealden District Council’s free Fun and Safety event returns to Crowborough Community Centre in Pine Grove from 10:30am to 1pm. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_024FunandSafetycomesbacktoCrowboroughCommunityCentrebypopulardemand!243111.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_019Lookforthelicencewhenyougoriding241769.aspx Look for the licence when you go riding All riding establishments that provide horses and riding instruction to members of the public are required to be licensed. So please don’t take chances with the welfare of the horses or your own safety. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_019Lookforthelicencewhenyougoriding241769.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_BringyourenergybillstoHailshamandfindouthowtocutcosts241845.aspx Bring your energy bills to Hailsham and find out how to cut costs For five days only, energy experts will be in Hailsham to offer practical advice on how to cut energy costs. The first 30 people through the door each day will take home energy efficiency gifts such as night lights and draught proofing strips. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_BringyourenergybillstoHailshamandfindouthowtocutcosts241845.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_022Learnhowtocompeteintheglobalanddigitalmarketplace242867.aspx Learn how to compete in the global and digital marketplace There are just a few spaces left for Wealden District Council’s next business breakfast on Tuesday 1 April, which aims to give local businesses the inside track when it comes to competing in today’s global market place, dominated by digital channels. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_022Learnhowtocompeteintheglobalanddigitalmarketplace242867.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_021Moretakepartingardenwasterecycling241809.aspx More take part in garden waste recycling Garden waste collections in Wealden are expanding this spring as an extra 5,000 residents sign up to join this recycling scheme. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_021Moretakepartingardenwasterecycling241809.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_020FireStationFunandSafetyDayatUckfield241787.aspx Fire Station Fun and Safety Day at Uckfield this Tuesday Uckfield Fire Station will be hosting one of Wealden District Council’s renowned Fun and Safety Days on Tuesday 8 April from 10.30am to 1pm. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_020FireStationFunandSafetyDayatUckfield241787.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_018Claimedbenefitswhileselfemployed241679.aspx Claimed benefits while self employed Two Wealden men who claimed council tax benefit and housing benefit while they were self employed have been successfully prosecuted in Hastings Magistrates Court. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_018Claimedbenefitswhileselfemployed241679.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_EnjoyhealthyoptionswiththeEatOutEatWellScheme241778.aspx Enjoy healthy options with the Eat Out, Eat Well Scheme Eating out is becoming increasingly popular, with the average person enjoying one in every six meals away from home. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_EnjoyhealthyoptionswiththeEatOutEatWellScheme241778.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Howtocompeteintheglobalanddigitalmarketplace241477.aspx How to compete in the global and digital marketplace Wealden’s next business breakfast on Tuesday 1 April aims to give local businesses the inside track when it comes to competing in today’s global market place dominated by digital channels. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Howtocompeteintheglobalanddigitalmarketplace241477.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_BusesandTrainsaligntoprovideAshdownForestwalks241465.aspx Buses and Trains align to provide Ashdown Forest walks This March has seen the launch of a new transport initiative run jointly by Wealden Bus Alliance and Sussex Rail Partnership to provide a free bus service to take residents on a healthy guided walk on Ashdown Forest. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_BusesandTrainsaligntoprovideAshdownForestwalks241465.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_ActioninMarketTownsworkshoptoday241444.aspx Action in Market Towns workshop today An Action in Market Towns workshop is taking place in Hailsham's Civic Community hall today. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_ActioninMarketTownsworkshoptoday241444.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_WealdencelebratesCommonwealthDay241154.aspx Wealden celebrates Commonwealth Day To mark Commonwealth Day, March 10, Wealden District Council, along with many other local authorities across the length and breadth of the country, is flying the Commonwealth Flag at its Hailsham Headquarters. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_WealdencelebratesCommonwealthDay241154.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_WealdenStrategicSitesLocalPlannowsubmittedforexaminationinpublic241165.aspx Wealden Strategic Sites Local Plan now submitted for examination in public The Council has now submitted its Strategic Sites Local Plan (SSLP) to the Planning Inspectorate for public examination. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_WealdenStrategicSitesLocalPlannowsubmittedforexaminationinpublic241165.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_017JobcentrePlusasuccessinWealden241176.aspx Jobcentre Plus in Wealden a success Over the last eight weeks, Wednesday Employment Surgeries offered by Dermot Clarke, a highly trained and experienced advisor from Jobcentre Plus, at the offices of Wealden District Council have proved a great success. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_017JobcentrePlusasuccessinWealden241176.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Takecarewhenwalkingneartocliffs240372.aspx Take care when walking near to cliffs Following further rock falls at Birling Gap the public are reminded that in the interests of their own safety to stay away from the cliff edges around Birling Gap and to keep dogs on a short lead. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Takecarewhenwalkingneartocliffs240372.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Hasyourbusinessbeenaffectedbytherecentsevereweather240338.aspx Has your business been affected by the recent severe weather? The Government has announced a number of schemes to support all small and medium sized businesses that have been impacted by the floods and suffered a significant loss of trade. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Hasyourbusinessbeenaffectedbytherecentsevereweather240338.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_016Courttakesactionagainstunlicensedridingschool240357.aspx Court takes action against unlicensed riding school A Heathfield woman was fined £150 and ordered to pay £320 in costs for running an unlicensed riding school. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_016Courttakesactionagainstunlicensedridingschool240357.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_HaveyoursayontheproposedmethodologyfortheCouncilsnewStrategicHousingLandAvailabilityAssessmentSHLAA240268.aspx Have your say on the proposed methodology for the Councils new Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) The closing date for residents and businesses to comment on the Council’s draft methodology is 5pm, Monday 31 March. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_HaveyoursayontheproposedmethodologyfortheCouncilsnewStrategicHousingLandAvailabilityAssessmentSHLAA240268.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_013WealdenCouncilcalledontosupportlivingwage240285.aspx Wealden Council called on to support living wage Wealden District Council has been called on to set an example by paying all staff a ‘living wage’. Councillor John Blake proposed a motion that the Council Personnel Committee “consider the desirability of paying all Council employees not less than a Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_013WealdenCouncilcalledontosupportlivingwage240285.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_015PuttingWealdenonthetouristmap240318.aspx Putting Wealden on the tourist map In partnership with the District’s tourist attractions Wealden has launched a major initiative to encourage visitors to spend more time enjoying the timeless treasures of this forgotten corner of the South East. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_015PuttingWealdenonthetouristmap240318.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_014WealdenDistrictCouncilfreezescounciltaxforfifthyearrunning240327.aspx Wealden District Council freezes council tax for fifth year running At Wealden’s Full Council meeting on 19 February it was agreed to maintain council tax at the same level for 2014/15. This means that council tax which pays for Wealden District Council services has now remained the same for five successive years. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_014WealdenDistrictCouncilfreezescounciltaxforfifthyearrunning240327.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_011Wealdenislookingforheroes240261.aspx Wealden is looking for heroes We are looking for a hero…someone who gives their time and energy to help local organisations in Wealden. Do you know of such a Community Volunteer Hero? Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_011Wealdenislookingforheroes240261.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Haveyoursayaboutmaternitycareproposals239141.aspx Have your say about maternity care proposals Take part in the Better Beginnings consultation to decide on future maternity, in-patient paediatric and emergency gynaecology services in East Sussex: Eastbourne March 10, Uckfield March 12. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Haveyoursayaboutmaternitycareproposals239141.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_004FunandSafetyEventthisTuesday18February228509.aspx Fun and Safety Event this Tuesday 18 February Wealden’s ever-popular Fun and Safety play day returns to Hailsham on Tuesday 18 February. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_004FunandSafetyEventthisTuesday18February228509.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_010JudgedismissesclaimsbylandownersoverWealdenCoreStrategy238106.aspx Judge dismisses claims by landowners over Wealden Core Strategy Attempts by local landowners to quash Wealden’s key planning strategy and force the building of more houses across the District have been thrown out of court with the Judge dismissing their claims as “speculative” and “misconceived”. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_010JudgedismissesclaimsbylandownersoverWealdenCoreStrategy238106.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Takecareifwalkingdogsonnearbybeaches235401.aspx Take care if walking dogs on nearby beaches Take care if visiting one of the beaches in or around Wealden, especially if taking a dog: Solent Coastguard have reported palm oil has washed up on beaches as close as West Sussex. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Takecareifwalkingdogsonnearbybeaches235401.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Severeweatherinformation228740.aspx Severe weather information Advice about flooding. Information about sandbags. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Severeweatherinformation228740.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_009IndefenceofourLocalPlan228941.aspx In defence of our Local Plan Wealden District Council has been defending its Core Strategy Local Plan in the High Court against an action which could increase the number of houses that can be built in Wealden in the future. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_009IndefenceofourLocalPlan228941.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_GetaratingfirstbeforeyourValentinemeal228907.aspx Get a rating first before your Valentine meal Romantic residents can make sure their Valentine’s Day meal goes without a hitch by checking the Food Hygiene Rating before booking a table. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_GetaratingfirstbeforeyourValentinemeal228907.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_008Makingourheatingmoreenergyefficient228884.aspx Making our heating more energy efficient Wealden District Council has completed more than two thirds of an ambitious programme to install air source heat pumps in 172 council properties. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_008Makingourheatingmoreenergyefficient228884.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_007Providingbettershelteredaccommodationforthefuture228779.aspx Providing better sheltered accommodation for the future Wealden’s Cabinet has approved an ongoing programme of re-investment in its Sheltered Housing Schemes which will see nearly £20 million in improvements over the next 10 years. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_007Providingbettershelteredaccommodationforthefuture228779.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_006TimetoEscalate228751.aspx Time to Escalate It’s time for small businesses in Wealden to make the most of interest-free Escalate loans to create local jobs and improve their commercial chances. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_006TimetoEscalate228751.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_MakingYourMarketWorkforYou228716.aspx Making Your Market Work for You Over 30 market organisers and stall holders attended the Making Your Market Work for You seminar organised by the Wealden District Council yesterday at Heathfield Community Centre. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_MakingYourMarketWorkforYou228716.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_HolocaustMemorialDay2014228699.aspx Holocaust Memorial Day 2014 This year’s Holocaust Memorial Day events across the country take the theme of Journeys. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_HolocaustMemorialDay2014228699.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_005WalkinggroupsinvitedtojoinanewCoastandCountryFestival228688.aspx Walking groups invited to join a new Coast and Country Festival 2014 sees the launch of a brand new walking festival, a joint event organised by Eastbourne Borough Council and Wealden District Council, with local groups invited to join in too. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_005WalkinggroupsinvitedtojoinanewCoastandCountryFestival228688.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_003CommunityDividendtosupportprojectsacrossWealden228497.aspx Community Dividend to support projects across Wealden Wealden District Councillors are to be each given a Community Dividend to spend on projects in their Council wards. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_003CommunityDividendtosupportprojectsacrossWealden228497.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Policeissuewarningaboutdoorstepcontracts228362.aspx Police issue warning about doorstep contracts Police in Wealden are warning residents not to enter into any contracts with doorstep sellers after three men were arrested in Uckfield. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Policeissuewarningaboutdoorstepcontracts228362.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_AmendmentstoOffStreetCarParkingOrder228125.aspx Amendments to Off Street Car Parking Order The Council is proposing to amend its Off Street Car Parking order for the Sea Road Car Park, Pevensey. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_AmendmentstoOffStreetCarParkingOrder228125.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_002RecordsportinguptakeinWealden227422.aspx Record sporting uptake in Wealden Latest figures produced by Sport England shows that nearly 40 per cent of Wealden residents aged 16 or over are actively involved in sport or recreation for at least 30 minutes a week. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_002RecordsportinguptakeinWealden227422.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_UckfieldPoolreadytore-open227210.aspx Uckfield Pool ready to re-open The swimming pool at Uckfield Leisure Centre – operated by Freedom Leisure in partnership with Wealden District Council – will reopen on Friday January 17, 2014 at 12 noon. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_UckfieldPoolreadytore-open227210.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_001Settingyourstallout226841.aspx Setting your stall out Wealden District Council has organised a free seminar for market traders and small holders looking to sell directly to the public. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_001Settingyourstallout226841.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_CarparkreliefforUckfield226809.aspx Car park relief for Uckfield Network Rail has announced plans to go ahead with a new 150 vehicle car park at Uckfield to provide commuter parking next to Uckfield Station. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_CarparkreliefforUckfield226809.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_WastecollectionsatthestartoftheNewYear226770.aspx Waste collections at the start of the New Year Please check your collection dates over the holiday period on your calendar. Here’s a reminder of your current collection dates for the second half of the Christmas period. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_WastecollectionsatthestartoftheNewYear226770.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_WealdenDistrictCouncilChristmasServicesandOpeningHours226139.aspx Wealden District Council Christmas Services and Opening Hours Wealden District Council offices will be open at the following times over the Festive period: Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_WealdenDistrictCouncilChristmasServicesandOpeningHours226139.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_089NewYearYogaforYoungatHeart226738.aspx New Year Yoga for Young at Heart Why not start 2014 with a New Year’s resolution that will provide lasting benefits to your health and wellbeing? Weekly yoga sessions for older people, delivered by Wealden’s Community and Regeneration team Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_089NewYearYogaforYoungatHeart226738.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_087Achievementthroughpartnershipandperformance226691.aspx Achievement through partnership and performance The Chairman of Wealden District Council, Brian Redman, paid tribute to some of the Council’s many achievements this year at a Christmas reception held in the Civic Community Hall, Hailsham. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_087Achievementthroughpartnershipandperformance226691.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_088Makesureofyourride226693.aspx Make sure of your ride As Christmas celebrations get into full swing, residents are being warned to steer clear of unlicensed taxis/minicabs. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_088Makesureofyourride226693.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_CrowboroughLeisureCentrereveals3.2millionrefurbishment226704.aspx Crowborough Leisure Centre reveals £3.2 million refurbishment Crowborough Leisure Centre – operated by Freedom Leisure in partnership with Wealden District Council – has revealed its fully refurbished facility. £3.2 million has been invested in extensive developments throughout the centre. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_CrowboroughLeisureCentrereveals3.2millionrefurbishment226704.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_086Wealdentakesstepstoimprovecarparking226678.aspx Wealden takes steps to improve car parking Wealden District Council has agreed to progress with the review of car parking across the District, with a focus on ensuring that parking is in line with local needs. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_086Wealdentakesstepstoimprovecarparking226678.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_theSussexBus.Comextends31routetoHeathfield226605.aspx theSussexBus.Com extends 31 route to Heathfield Wealden MP Charles Hendry attended the launch of theSussexBus.com’s extended 31 service, which will now run between Heathfield and Haywards Heath, via Uckfield. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_theSussexBus.Comextends31routetoHeathfield226605.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_085RSPBcommendationandthanksforHailshamSchool226545.aspx RSPB commendation and thanks for Hailsham School On 5 December, Hawkes Farm School in Hailsham was presented with a special thank you certificate from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) after they participated in a Wealden District Council “Green Wealden” initiative Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_085RSPBcommendationandthanksforHailshamSchool226545.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_084GrowingtheWealdenbusinesseconomy226149.aspx Growing the Wealden business economy A number of initiatives are planned to help support local groups in revitalising Wealden’s economy involving its five main towns Uckfield, Heathfield, Crowborough, Hailsham and Polegate. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_084GrowingtheWealdenbusinesseconomy226149.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_HumanRightsDay2013226101.aspx Human Rights Day 2013 The 10 December is Global Human Rights Day, marking the date that The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted in 1948. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_HumanRightsDay2013226101.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_HaveyoursayaboutthedevelopmentofstrategicsitesandthechargingschedulefortheCommunityInfrastructureLevy226047.aspx Have your say about the development of strategic sites and the charging schedule for the Community Infrastructure Levy Following initial feedback from residents and businesses, Wealden District Council are consulting on amendments to the Strategic Sites Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy. The consultation starts today and runs until Monday 3rd February 2014. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_HaveyoursayaboutthedevelopmentofstrategicsitesandthechargingschedulefortheCommunityInfrastructureLevy226047.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_083JobcentrePluscomestoHailsham226064.aspx Jobcentre Plus comes to Hailsham From January 2014, Wealden residents looking for work will find help closer at hand as Jobcentre Plus will begin operating out of the Wealden District Council Offices in Hailsham, Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_083JobcentrePluscomestoHailsham226064.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_081Improvingaccesstoplanningmeetings226011.aspx Improving access to planning meetings Wealden’s Cabinet is to look at ways of making it easier for members of the public to attend and take part in planning meetings dealing with applications in the north of the District. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_081Improvingaccesstoplanningmeetings226011.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_082Counciltaxtobefrozenforfifthyearinarow226036.aspx Council tax to be frozen for fifth year in a row Wealden’s Cabinet is pleased to propose that council tax for the District’s services remains unchanged for the fifth successive year. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_082Counciltaxtobefrozenforfifthyearinarow226036.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_MASHHFurtherTownCentreImprovementsontheway225990.aspx MASHH Further Town Centre Improvements on the way The MASHH Steering Group is a partnership between the Hailsham Town Council, Hellingly Parish council, East Sussex County Council and Wealden District which is working to improve traffic flows for Hailsham and Hellingly through the delivery of much need Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_MASHHFurtherTownCentreImprovementsontheway225990.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_FreedomLeisureHailshamcompletes3.1mdevelopmentprogramme226001.aspx Freedom Leisure Hailsham completes £3.1m development programme Hailsham Leisure Centre – operated by Freedom Leisure in partnership with Wealden District Council – has officially launched a range of new facilities today, Thursday 5 December. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_FreedomLeisureHailshamcompletes3.1mdevelopmentprogramme226001.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_079Localartistspaintsomeseasonalcheer225972.aspx Local artists paint some seasonal cheer The artists in Wealden’s sheltered housing schemes have been adding some seasonal cheer to the Council’s 2013 Christmas Card. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_079Localartistspaintsomeseasonalcheer225972.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_080WealdensupportsCivicHubbidforPineGrove225981.aspx Wealden supports Civic Hub bid for Pine Grove Wealden District Council has resolved to support plans to set up a Civic Hub at its former Pine Grove offices as its preferred option. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_080WealdensupportsCivicHubbidforPineGrove225981.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_078Savingsinpublicprocurementgetnoticed225789.aspx Savings in public procurement get noticed The East Sussex Procurement Hub, hosted by Wealden District Council, has been shortlisted for a prestigious national award. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_078Savingsinpublicprocurementgetnoticed225789.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_077CouncilTaxReductionSchemetocontinuenextyear225801.aspx Council Tax Reduction Scheme to continue next year Full Council has voted for the Council Tax Reduction Scheme to continue unchanged for the 2014/15 financial year. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_077CouncilTaxReductionSchemetocontinuenextyear225801.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_HerstmonceuxNeighbourhoodPlan225733.aspx Herstmonceux Neighbourhood Plan Herstmonceux Parish Council has drawn up its Pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_HerstmonceuxNeighbourhoodPlan225733.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_076KissMyDiscoreturns225697.aspx Kiss My Disco returns Kiss My Disco, the open-to-all event created by adults with learning disabilities, returns to Crowborough on Wednesday 11 December at the White Heart, Chapel Green. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_076KissMyDiscoreturns225697.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Arecipeforagreatmealout225707.aspx A recipe for a great meal out Good company, great food, Christmas crackers and all the trimmings are usually the ingredients for a great meal out during the festive season. But what about the food hygiene rating? Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Arecipeforagreatmealout225707.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_073Councildecidesonspotfinesfordogfouling225204.aspx Council decides on spot fines for dog fouling After extensive consultation, plans to introduce a Dog Control Order across Wealden District have been approved by Full Council. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_073Councildecidesonspotfinesfordogfouling225204.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_075Dontmissoutondevelopingbusinessopportunities225578.aspx Don't miss out on developing business opportunities Wealden businesses and entrepreneurs are being urged not to miss out on the Business Funding and Commercial Planning event which takes place in Wealden on Tuesday 3 December. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_075Dontmissoutondevelopingbusinessopportunities225578.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Raisingawarenessaboutdomesticviolence225545.aspx Raising awareness about domestic violence Sussex Police, local councillors and members of the public took part in White Ribbon Awareness events in Hailsham, Crowborough and Uckfield on Saturday Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Raisingawarenessaboutdomesticviolence225545.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_074CutcostswiththeFuelCoop225567.aspx Cut costs with the Fuel Co op With domestic heating oil prices fluctuating by up to 20 per cent over a 12 month period, the Sussex-based Fuel Co-op wants to help Wealden residents to get a better deal for their heating fuel. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_074CutcostswiththeFuelCoop225567.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_RefuseandRecycling-latestinformation221190.aspx Refuse and Recycling - latest information If your bin is not collected by 5pm on the scheduled date please report it to us by the end of the next working day. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_RefuseandRecycling-latestinformation221190.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_ToppingoutatEvelynClarkSquare225527.aspx Topping out at Evelyn Clark Square Evelyn Clark Square is the third of Wealden’s New Build projects to near completion and was ‘topped out’ last week. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_ToppingoutatEvelynClarkSquare225527.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_067MakethemostofCrowboroughFarmersMarketthisSaturday.225023.aspx Make the most of Crowborough Farmers' Market this Saturday. Local Community Chef Olly Dawson will be making his final visit to Wealden Farmers’ Markets this Saturday to inspire shoppers with some tasty recipes using the best local produce. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_067MakethemostofCrowboroughFarmersMarketthisSaturday.225023.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Whendidyoulastthinkaboutalcohol225511.aspx When did you last think about alcohol? Alcohol Awareness Week is a chance for people to think about their drinking habits Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Whendidyoulastthinkaboutalcohol225511.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_073SeminartohelpexpandingbusinessesinWealden225193.aspx Seminar to help expanding businesses in Wealden Companies looking to locate or expand in Wealden and throughout East Sussex are being invited to a free funding and commercial planning seminar and exhibition on Tuesday, 3 December. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_073SeminartohelpexpandingbusinessesinWealden225193.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_071HappyhomesinWealden225171.aspx Happy homes in Wealden A survey of Wealden tenants and leaseholders has shown that 90% are satisfied with the service they get from Wealden District Council and are happy with their local neighbourhood. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_071HappyhomesinWealden225171.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_069WealdenmarksRemembranceDay225097.aspx Wealden marks Remembrance Day Members of Wealden District Council will be paying tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country at Remembrance Sunday events throughout Wealden on 10 November. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_069WealdenmarksRemembranceDay225097.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_FireBrigadesUnionindustrialaction225139.aspx Fire Brigades Union industrial action Industrial action on Friday 1 November between 18.30 and 23.00 and Monday 4 November between 06.00 and 08.00. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_FireBrigadesUnionindustrialaction225139.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_070Makingahomefornature225099.aspx Making a home for nature Mayfield CE Primary School is supporting a new Wealden initiative to encourage more wildlife into our built surroundings. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_070Makingahomefornature225099.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_BusUsersSurgeryatUckfieldRailwayStation225080.aspx Bus Users Surgery at Uckfield Railway Station This Wednesday, 30 October, there is a chance to have your say about local bus services at Uckfield Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_BusUsersSurgeryatUckfieldRailwayStation225080.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_068WealdenResidentsSleepBetterAtNight225045.aspx Wealden Residents Sleep Better At Night Safety checks conducted on electric blankets at events organised by Wealden District Council found that 40% of the some 250 blankets brought forward by members of the public were unsafe. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_068WealdenResidentsSleepBetterAtNight225045.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Checkthatsmokealarm225006.aspx Check that smoke alarm When the clocks go back this weekend, it is time to check your smoke alarm Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_Checkthatsmokealarm225006.aspx?RSS=True http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_066Makingthemostoftheautumnofyouryears224324.aspx Making the most of the autumn of your years October may officially begin with Older People’s Day but there are lots of activities for older people taking place in Wealden throughout October and November. Click on the link to view the full story. http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/News_and_Events/News/News_066Makingthemostoftheautumnofyouryears224324.aspx?RSS=True