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Car park enforcement

16 August 2023


Dear Councillor Partridge,

In the past I have been in communication with the ex leader of the Council about car parking enforcement (CPE) being introduced to Wealden. At the time the Chief Constable for Sussex was adamant that Sussex Police would not be used for any enforcement action as it was down to Wealden Council…..Wealden Council at the time according to the leader, would not consider CPE basically because it would affect trade in certain areas.

So we had a stalemate which basically means no enforcement. At the time I said this matter will only get worse and in the past two years it has. Vehicles parked on double yellow lines causing obstruction, blocking sight lines, build up of congestion and putting a lot of people in dangerous situations, notably people with mobility issues and parents using prams etc.

Can I ask the Council’s current stance on this issue please. Polegate sometimes come to a stop because of this. Wealden is only one of a handful of Councils throughout the UK not to have CPE, according the Sussex County they would only be to willing to operate the enforcement as they do for other local authorities.

The other issue is the parking of the whole vehicle on the public footpath (pavement). The law refers to the pavement as a public footpath only for use by people on foot. It is not there to be blocked off by vehicles. Again this needs enforcement action.

Why this Council is against CPE for financial reasons is beyond me in difficult times, the proceeds outweigh the cost. I in the past have said there are a lot of retired active people in the Wealden area who would do enforcement action voluntarily, no salaries involved. These people have a wealth of experience and public knowledge. On the flip side the Council would be helping keeping people active. I for one would do it as my background is law enforcement.

The last time I had a response to this matter, it seemed the Council was having meetings with the Police etc, the outcome of the meetings seemed to be an agreement to have another meeting, basically a tick box exercise, then it was put to bed.

Yours Sincerely
Mr Terence Richings


Dear Mr Richings,

Thank you for this question,

Wealden District Council reviewed the options for On Street Car Parking Enforcement in 2017/18. A full and detailed reported was written and presented to Wealden District Council Cabinet for consideration and direction. This is not currently under review and I have attached the link for you to view. https://council.wealden.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?AIId=45130

The police continue to insist they will enforce parking that they consider to be dangerous, e.g. where they block junctions and visibility for other road users and also where cars block pavements forcing pedestrians into the road.

Kind regards,

Councillor Partridge