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Certificate of Life

12 July 2023


Dear Mr Pharoah,

Thank you for your question.

I am not totally clear about the service you need from us or how often you need it but I believe you may need a Certificate of Life, for which our standard fee is £12.00 in a simple case or £31 in a complex case.  Most cases are simple ones. 

Unfortunately, the council has to recover the cost of providing services like this from the customers who use them.  We all pay council tax to cover the cost of those services which benefit the whole community.  


Dear Councillor Partridge, 

Your decision to charge Wealden residents who have worked in Europe £25.00 each to sign and stamp a document verifying their existence, is utterly outrageous. Having worked in Belgium and Luxembourg (my wife NOT having worked), we will have to pay The Council £100.00 per year in order to continue receiving our pensions. We already pay The Council £2829.00 per year in rates and to expect a small service as described above, surely is not asking too much.

Twice per year, we join a small queue for this service and take up less time with your receptionists than the average resident, in completing this task. I cannot understand the justification for this charge. I urge you to reconsider and rescind this draconian decision.