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Council Tax enforcement

11 July 2023


Dear Councillor Partridge,

Regarding your collection enforcement officers that collect council tax bill payments / late payments, are your officers allowed to continually hound someone who has mental health problems, one being PTSD, even after being made aware of their mental health problems continuously ( one instance in which Dr wrote a letter explaining that they need to be left alone ) ? And if I were to feel inclined to put forward a complaint regarding behaviour from one of the councils employees, would it be yourself I contact?, Or the council directly?

I await, and look forward, to your reply.


Dear Mr Whitmore,

Thank you for your question.  I am sorry that you are not well.

Out of fairness to all council taxpayers, we must collect all council tax which is due.  If you think you may be exempt from paying, please let us know why.

Our enforcement agents will take into account your circumstances when dealing with you and they always try to find a solution which will work for you and the council.  They can only do this if they are able to discuss things with you.  If you are not well enough to do this, then you should find someone to help you.

Our enforcement agents can help you find people who will be able to support and help you. They will always put enforcement action on hold, if they see that it would be wrong to continue because of your illness.  However, they can only do this, if they are regularly updated on what progress you are making and when payment can be expected.

If you wish to make a complaint, then you should go through the official complaints procedure using the following link:


Best wishes,

Councillor Partridge