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Land between Willingdon and Polegate

1 November 2022


Dear Councillor Newton,

Now that you have succeeded in joining Willingdon to Polegate and destroying the identity and character of each, will you be renaming the ugly town you have created?

The original names seem pointless now.

Tony Robinson


Dear Mr Robinson,

Thank you for your question.

I am unsure if you are aware but this extent of development at Mornings Mill Farm was vehemently refused by Wealden District Council’s Planning Committee.
Councillors did all they could to stop the scale of development which was in excess of the area identified as a Strategic Development Area in 2012. We listened to the residents’ views and voted with our hearts. We believed it was the right thing to do to turn down the applications and maintained our position until we reached the end of the democratic process. We didn’t join up the two settlements. The council fought hard but ultimately it was allowed by a planning inspector.
I would respectfully rebut your suggestion that new housing will make what’s already there ugly. The best has to be made out of a decision that was taken out of our hands and that said, our officers, members and the respective parish and town councils will be involved in the reserved matters process when it comes to appearance and design.

Best wishes

Councillor Ann Newton