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Parking issues in Uckfield

26 September 2023


Dear Councillor Partridge,

I would like to know why when there is such an issue with parking in Uckfield that this is not on Wealden’s program to discuss. I have had meetings with police, Wealden and East Sussex. Know one wants to deal with the issue. Parking on the pavements, double yellows, why will it take a child getting knocked over before some one will take this issue on. We have failed deliveries and collections on a regular basis from our business due to illegally parked cars, police say they will not deal as they don’t have the resources.

Wealden advise was to put glass bins in a public place where they can be emptied without the vehicle requiring access. Refuse company and our insurance say no as highly dangerous. Some intelligent help with this would be helpful.

An officer from Uckfield Town Council has tried their best but banging head against brick wall comes to mind. Parking time restrictions in the high street are ignored and indeed some people park cars on double yellows all night like it is a parking spot.

Please look into this before some one gets hurt or killed.


Dear Mr Kelly,

Thank you for your Ask the Leader question with regards to Anti-Social Parking within your area.

I am sorry this is causing an issue but currently Wealden District Council do not deal with any ‘On Street’ parking issues or enforce on the highways.  You would need to contact East Sussex County Council as they deal with On Street parking and the Highways or the Police by way of Operation Crackdown.

A link for Nuisance Parking is below:


Wealden District Council reviewed the options for On Street Car Parking Enforcement in 2017/18 and a full and detailed reported was written and presented to Wealden District Council Cabinet for consideration and direction

Below is the link to the decision made https://council.wealden.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?AIId=45130

(If you have issues opening the attached link, please can you advise) I can confirm that this decision is not under review and is current. I hope the nuisance parking link can help improve the situation.