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Polegate Parking and Local Plan progress

9 March 2023


Dear Councillor Newton,

Restrictions apply to High Street laybys by Polegate town shops but it not uncommon for people to park in the laybys for days on end. These are often commuters and even people who park and then go on holiday by train to Gatwick and beyond. This means local residents and many potential customers for local businesses go elsewhere as they are unable to access parking close to their desired shop and facility (eg doctors and solicitors) destinations.

I note that in a question and response of 3 November 2021 it said Police would not enforce parking restrictions as it was a civil matter. Please could I request that this enforcement is either undertaken by Wealden council of devolved to the town council of Polegate to do so.

As a guide, on Saturday seven vehicles were parked in the lay-by outside the parade of shops containing Kamsons Pharmacy, One Stop, Stringtown Supplies, On The Go and Wither DIY that were parked at 9am and had not moved when I went home at 5.20pm despite a two hour parking restriction. This situation occurs on weekdays too. Particularly, Black Path is also very much affected by commuters who park before 9am and stay until gone 6pm despite the two hour parking restrictions.

We have had numerous High Street examples of people parking in the High Street laybys as they say it is “free.” One PCSO on one weekday could easily amass their salary for a month by tackling this parking issue in the High Street and Black Path alone.

Why as a second point does Wealden still not have a valid five year plan in place? With the ludicrous planning application to build on the Polegate Town Centre Car Park, any decision to refuse permission could be overturned citing in no small part to the lack of this Local Plan. Should this occur parking in the town of Polegate will become even more of an issue.

Luke James


Dear Mr James

Thank you for your question.

In relation to parking issues, Wealden District Council reviewed the options for On Street Car Parking Enforcement in 2017/18

A full and detailed reported was written and presented to Wealden District Council’s Cabinet Committee for consideration and direction


Below is the link to the decision made

This decision is not under review and is current.

Regarding our Local Plan, work has considerably progressed on Wealden’s Draft Local Plan, which will shape the district’s places, plan and manage growth and infrastructure, and guide development in the district in future years. However, the council needs to ensure that its emerging local plan fully considers important forthcoming changes to the planning system to ensure that its local plan is robust and appropriate for the district.

I hope you will find the link to these pages helpful.

Local Plan update


Best wishes

Councillor Ann Newton