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When is Wealden going to implement Civil Parking Enforcement?

10 July 2023


Dear Councillor Partridge,

As the only council in East Sussex not to have done so when is WDC going to implement Civil Parking Enforcement?
On my daily walks it is obvious that there is little regard taken of parking restrictions whether that be disregard of double yellow lines, bus stop parking and even, the other day, someone parking on the actual Pelican Crossing in Heathfield High Street whilst they shopped in the butchers!
Couple with this we have the impending bus improvements recently announced by ESCC, the timings, reliability and hence popularity, of which will be heavily dependent upon rigidly enforced parking restrictions.
Based on my observations the cost of providing enforcement, whether that be direct by the council or by contract with a third party, would be easily recovered with ample surplus to fund any identified and necessary improvements.


Dear John Hamblin,

Thank you for this question and the interesting points which you make. Wealden District Council reviewed the options for On Street Car Parking Enforcement in 2017/18. A full and detailed reported was written and presented to Wealden District Council Cabinet for consideration and direction. Below is the link to the decision made. This is not currently under review. https://council.wealden.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?AIId=45130

Best wishes, Councillor Partridge