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Where is my Council Tax rebate?

5 July 2022


Dear Councillor Newton,

Where is my council tax rebate? You’re hanging this out as all the others have all been paid.

From Shaun Clay



Dear Mr Clay,

Thank you for your question and apologies for the delay in coming back to you. Those delays were due to officers dealing with the waste collection industrial action.
We have now processed more than 31,000 payments (74%) to Direct Debit payers and are working to contact all those Direct Debit payers who have not received a payment yet as well as all those who do not pay by direct debit.
We have been unable to make payment earlier for fraud prevention reasons as per government recommendations.
There have also been delays outside our control but we are in the process of sending out the letters with unique codes to allow claims for the rebate to be made.
Everyone should be receiving letters within the next fortnight if they have not done so already.
Regular updates are also posted here: https://www.wealden.gov.uk/council-tax/council-tax-discounts/