Change in Circumstance

What is a change in circumstance?

These are some of the changes we need to know about. If you are not sure if we need to know, tell us anyway. You can tell us about a Change of Circumstances online (external link)

This is based on Chief Executive Directions for online communications

Changes to do with money coming in

  • If the money that you or your partner has coming in changes
  • If any amount of money you or your partner has in any type of bank or building society account changes
  • If the value of any other savings changes
  • If you or your partner start work or change jobs
  • If you stop receiving Child Benefit
  • If you start to get or stop getting any benefit
  • If the amount you pay for childcare changes
  • If you start to get Tax Credit(s) or have had a change in the amount of Tax Credit(s) you receive

Changes to do with who lives with you

  • If any of your children leave school or college
  • If someone leaves or joins your household
  • If you have a baby
  • If someone living in your household becomes a student or stops being a student

Changes to do with where you live

  • Changes to your tenancy or rent (but not if you are a council tenant)
  • You move home
  • If you are likely to be away from your home for 13 weeks or more