Community Toilet Scheme Fees

Local businesses are paid a small annual fee for opening up their toilets for public use. The current annual fees are listed below.

If a facility only has a single toilet they will not be instantly excluded from the scheme. If you are interested in participating in the scheme or would like any further information, please contact us using the contact details at the bottom of the page.


Opening Hours Of Facilities




 Baby Change

Basic Fee 5 Days

6 Days 

7 Days 

Community Toilet Scheme Annual Fees
10 HrsYesYes   £500Plus 10%Plus 20%
10 HrsYesYesYes  £600 Plus 10%Plus 20%
10 HrsYesYesYesYes £700 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 HrsYesYes   £800 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 HrsYesYesYes  £900 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 HrsYesYesYesYes £1,000 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 Hrs+YesYes   £1,100 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 Hrs+YesYesYes  £1,200 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 Hrs+YesYesYesYes £1,300 Plus 10%Plus 20%