Consultation Diary

Proposed Disposal of at Observatory View, Hailsham.

Status: Closed
Closed on 25/08/2023
Results Pending

Start Date: 11/08/2023

Results expected: 29/09/2023

Proposed Disposal of at Observatory View, Hailsham. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1972 Notice under Section 123(2A) of the intended Disposal of an Open Space at Observatory View, Hailsham (by way of two easements for a HV Cable and Gas pipe). Dated: 11th August 2023 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN under Section 123(2A) of the above mentioned Act ...

Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Status: Closed
Closed on 07/08/2023
Results Pending

Start Date: 26/06/2023

Results expected: 07/10/2023

To support the development of the new Local Plan, the Council is required by law to undertake a Sustainability Appraisal (SA). The SA is an integral part of the plan making process and from the outset; it must consider ways by which the plan can contribute to improvements in environmental, social and economic conditions as ...

Wadhurst Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 Consultation

Status: Closed
Closed on 17/07/2023
Results Pending

Start Date: 05/06/2023

Results expected: 17/09/2023

Wadhurst Parish Council has prepared a draft Neighbourhood Plan covering the parish of Wadhurst that sets out a vision for the future of the area, as well as planning policies that, if adopted, will be used to determine planning applications in the Parish and will form part of the Development Plan. The Parish Council has ...

Draft Homelessness Strategy

Status: Closed
Closed on 03/07/2023
Results Pending

Start Date: 15/05/2023

Results expected: 17/07/2023

The Council are required to undertake a homelessness review to understand homelessness in the local area. This is used to inform the homelessness strategy, which is a strategy for: preventing homelessness. ensuring that sufficient accommodation  is available for people who are or may become homeless. providing satisfactory support for people who are or may become ...

Cost of Living Strategy consultation

Status: Closed
Closed on 12/05/2023
Results Pending

Start Date: 03/04/2023

Results expected: 14/06/2023

The purpose of this strategy is to ensure that we help to build resilient communities where everyone in Wealden is engaged and able to live safe and healthy lives. We aim to do this by ensuring that individuals have the financial help and skills they need, but also to support them during times of financial ...