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Community Governance Review stage 2 – Willingdon & Jevington

Status: Closed

Wealden District Council, as the Principal Council in this matter, is undertaking a Community Governance Review at the request of Willingdon & Jevington Parish Council, in accordance with the above legislation and associated statutory guidance.

The Review was formally requested by Willingdon & Jevington Parish Council on 28th February 2022 and accepted by Wealden District Council’s Audit, Finance and Governance Committee on 27th July 2022.

The Parish Council is seeking the following changes to electoral arrangements in the Willingdon & Jevington Parish:-

  1. To reduce the number of Parish Councillors from 19 to 15 with effect from May 2023 by reducing the number of councillors in the Lower Willingdon and Upper Willingdon wards;
  2. To make minor alterations to internal ward boundaries;
  3. To change the name of Watermill ward;
  4. To reinstate the former Jevington ward;
  5. To alter the boundary between Willingdon and Jevington and Polegate (east of the A2270).

Currently, Willingdon and Jevington Parish comprises 3 wards and 6 polling districts, with 19 seats on the Parish Council. Following an internal audit in 2020, the Parish Council has requested a reduction in the numbers of parish council seats, feeling that 15 would be more appropriate for its size.

In considering the electoral and governance arrangements of an area, the District Council is required to consider the potential for change in the number or distribution of electors over the next five years. The electoral arrangements and electorate forecast for Willingdon and Jevington are shown below:

Polling District Current Parish Ward Proposed Parish Ward Elect


Current Number of



Number of councillors

Housing completions to March 2021 Housing projections to March 2026 Electorate

Forecast to 2026


Upper Willingdon

Upper Willingdon Upper Willingdon 1469 9  


62 333 1633


Upper Willingdon Upper Willingdon 1495 1633

Lower Willingdon

Lower Willingdon Lower Willingdon 1633 8  




Lower Willingdon Lower Willingdon 931 1065


Lower Willingdon Jevington 140 1 142


Watermill Watermill 733 2 2 733

Following consideration of the proposal from Willingdon & Jevington Parish Council, the electoral matters set out above and the outcome from community consultation, the Council, in exercise of its powers under Section 82 of the Local Government Public Involvement in Health Act 2007, makes the following draft Recommendations:

Recommendation 1: That the number of parish councillors for the parish of Willingdon & Jevington Parish Council be decreased from nineteen (19) to fifteen (15) with effect from the ordinary day of election of councillors in May 2023.

Recommendation 2: That the minor internal boundary changes as set out in the associated maps be made, with effect from April 2023.

Recommendation 3: That the Watermill ward name be changed to Willingdon Watermill with effect from April 2023.

Recommendation 4: That the former Jevington ward (EWSI) be re-instated and comprise 1 councillor representative.

Recommendation 5: That no change be made to the boundary between Willingdon and Jevington and Polegate (east of the A2270) at the present time.


Results reports:

Key findings and changes made:

All the recommendations were supported with a majority by those who responded to the stage 2 consultation.

Topics covered by this consultation:


Consultation Start Date: 01/11/2022

Consultation End Date: 30/11/2022

Results expected by: 19/12/2022

Please note: these dates are subject to change.

Areas covered by this consultation:

Willingdon & Jevington Parish

Target audience for this consultation:

Wealden Residents, Town and Parish Councils, Key Stakeholders

Frequency of this consultation: One-off

Methods of consultation used:

Online Survey (All Public)

What Happens Next?

It is envisaged that these draft recommendations, if approved, would be implemented from the 1st April 2023, and take effect from the next ordinary elections taking place on 4th May 2023.

Contact Details:

Contact Name: CGR Project Manager

Email: CGR@wealden.gov.uk

Telephone: 01323 443322