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Community Governance Review – Willingdon & Jevington

Status: Closed

To consider proposals put forward by Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council dated 28th February 2022.

As presented at the Wealden Audit, Finance and Governance Committee – Wednesday 27th July 2022




Results reports:

Key findings and changes made:


The first proposal is to reduce the number of parish councillors from 19 to 15, half of respondents (49%) agreed with this proposal. Another 36% neither agreed nor disagreed whilst just eight respondents disagreed with this idea.

Reinstating the Jevington ward within the parish was the next proposal, two thirds of people (66%) agreed with this proposal with just seven (13%) disagreeing. Many comments were received along the lines of Jevington being a unique village and having its own character which should be recognised. Of those who disagreed or neither agreed nor disagreed, half were happy with the alternative proposal of renaming the Lower Willingdon ward to include Jevington in its name.

Proposal number three was to rename Watermill parish ward to include Willingdon into the name for clarity, 90% of respondents either agreed with this or were not concerned either way and neither agreed nor disagreed.

The proposals put forward for minor internal boundary changes, and those with Eastbourne which encompass the principal area boundary review, were all supported, or respondents were neutral.

Topics covered by this consultation:


Consultation Start Date: 15/08/2022

Consultation End Date: 16/09/2022

Results expected by: 03/10/2022

Please note: these dates are subject to change.

Areas covered by this consultation:

Willingdon & Jevington Parish

Target audience for this consultation:

Wealden Residents, Town and Parish Councils, Key Stakeholders

Frequency of this consultation: One-off

Methods of consultation used:

Online Survey (All Public), Postal

What Happens Next?

If the outcome of the CGR affects District Ward and County Division boundaries, the District Council will consider and consult upon the consequential boundary changes and make recommendations to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) to make alterations to those boundaries to reflect any changes made at parish level.

The electoral arrangements affecting Wealden parish boundaries were amended by The Wealden (Electoral Changes) Order 2016 (dated 15 December 2016), and as a full five years has passed since that Order was made, the consent of the Local Government Boundary Commission for England will not be required before any local Community Governance Reorganisation Order can be made.

Contact Details:

Contact Name: CGR Project Manager

Email: CGR@wealden.gov.uk

Telephone: 01892 602423