Your Council Tax 2019 to 2020

This page sets out how your council tax is spent on a wide range of services in your community and explains about discounts and help with payments. Council tax is collected on houses, flats and other domestic properties. The money is collected by Wealden District Council on behalf of East Sussex County Council, Wealden District Council, Sussex Police Authority, East Sussex Fire Authority and your parish or town council.

The amount you pay to each authority is shown as a percentage below.

  • East Sussex County Council  71%
  • Wealden District Council  10%
  • Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner  9%
  • East Sussex Fire Authority 5%
  • Parishes  5%

Spending plans for 2019/20

Our spending plans for 2019 to 2020 show our income and how we plan to spend it. Ways in which our spending has changed from 2018/19 can also be viewed.

Larger Parish Expenditure 2019/20

Information of expenditure for larger parishes within Wealden which require more than £140,000 to be raised in 2019/20

Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2019/20

Information about the Council Tax Reduction Scheme for 2019/20. Council Tax Benefit was abolished in April 2013 and was replace by local Council Tax Reduction Schemes.

Local Council Tax Discounts 2019

Information regarding locally set council tax discounts and the premium for properties that have been empty for longer for two years or more.  These changes were decided by the Council on 9th January 2013.

Single Person Discount 2019/20

Information regarding applying for a single person discount if you are the only adult living in your property.

East Sussex County Council

East Sussex County Council provide services such as education, social care, and libraries. They are also responsible for our roads and highways, including pot hole repair and most street lighting.  View the East Sussex County Council council tax summary for further details (external link).

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

The policing element of your council tax is set by the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. To find out more about the way this part of your council tax is spent and how police resources are allocated please visit the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner website (external link).

East Sussex Fire and Rescue

East Sussex fire and Rescue (ESFRS) deal with domestic and business fire emergencies, fire safety and smoke detectors. View details on how ESFRS spend their part of your council tax (external link).