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Local Council Tax Discounts

The Local Government Finance Act 2012 gives all Councils powers to set their own local discounts and premiums for certain empty properties. Until 1st April 2013, these properties would have qualified for an exemption from council tax.

On 9th January 2013, Council decided that:

  • Properties that are empty and undergoing structural repair (previously Class A council tax exemption) would attract a discount of 50% for a maximum of 12 months or until the work was complete.
  • Properties that are empty and unfurnished (previously Class C exemption) would attract a discount of 100% for a period of one calendar month.
  • A premium of 50% will be levied against properties that have been empty and unfurnished for a period of two years or more. There are exceptions to the premium:
      • if the property is the main residence of a member of the armed forces who is absent from the property because of their service
      • or is the main residence of someone who has to live elsewhere because of their job
      • or if the property is a substantially unfurnished annex which is being treated by the occupier of the main dwelling as part of that dwelling
  • Properties that are furnished second home no longer attract a 10% discount on the council tax

Council Tax exemptions and discounts

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Information regarding locally set council tax discounts and the premium for properties that have been empty for longer for two years or more. These changes were decided by the Council on 9th January 2013.