Revision of – Council and Committee Meetings

The Council has the following committees:

Dates and times of these meetings can be found in the calendar. All meetings are normally held during the day and take place in the Council Offices in Hailsham.

Agendas and Minutes for the meetings are available online going back to 2001.

The public are welcome to attend these committees. Only meetings, or parts of meetings where confidential or other restricted information is being discussed are not open to the public.


The Council’s Constitution sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these decisions are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. Some of these processes are required by law, while others are a matter for the Council to choose, The Constitution is reviewed by the Council each year.

Speaking at Council Meetings

The only meetings that the public are able to speak at are the Full Council and Planning Committees.

Speaking at Planning Committees

To speak at a planning committee you will need to:

  • Contact Democratic Services on 01892 602720.
  • Registration will be available by phone or in person from 9am, five clear working days before the date of the committee, until 5pm the day before the committee. If spaces are still available, registration in person can also take place on the morning of the committee meeting between 9.30am and 10.15am.
  • The number of speakers are limited to 2 for, and 2 against (with 2 minutes for each speaker), for the majority of planning applications. However for major applications it will be 3 for and 3 against (with 3 minutes allowed for each speaker)
  • Keep your comments to relevant planning considerations. Once you have spoken you are unable to enter into further exchanges with the committee.
  • If you wish to send any further relevant information relating to the application. This must be sent to the planning service by email  and should be received by 10.00am on the day before the committee meeting takes place.

Public Question Time at Full Council

If you live or work in the Wealden District you may ask a question of the Council in Public Question Time at Full Council. Questions may be about any of the Council’s services but not in respect of individual cases.

The question must be submitted in writing (either by post or electronically) ten clear working days before the Council meeting. Questioners will be invited to read their question at the meeting and may ask one supplementary question on a point of clarification relating to the reply. Questions are limited to one per person per meeting.

More detailed information on Public Question Time and an application form are available online, alternatively contact the Democratic Services Manager on 01892 602437 or

Notice of Intention to Take Executive Decision(s) in Private

This page shows current intentions to take any Executive (Cabinet) decisions in private.