Disposing Of Your Unwanted Vehicle

How can Wealden help?

  • If you want to dispose of your old car
  • Are a resident in the Wealden district

then the Council, working through its contractor, can

  • Arrange for the proper disposal of your vehicle, free of charge

What we can not do

  • The council are unable to dispose of unwanted caravans or trailers free of charge
  • Collect any vehicle where you are not the registered keeper

How do I arrange for the Council to dispose of my vehicle?

  • You must complete and sign the Voluntary Vehicle Surrender FormĀ 
  • Send the form together with the Vehicle Registration Document (log book) in an envelope marked ‘Private and Confidential’ using the contact details at the bottom of the page.
  • Please DO NOT fill in or detach any part of the Vehicle Registration Document

By completing the Voluntary Vehicle Surrender form you are confirming that:

  • You are the sole owner of the vehicle
  • The vehicle is not registered on a Hire Purchase Agreement
  • You are surrendering ownership of the vehicle and the log book to the Council for disposal, at no cost
  • You are indemnifying the Council and its contractor against any damage caused to your property whilst removing the vehicle
  • There are no items left in the vehicle other than the standard fittings supplied with the vehicle
  • The vehicle is at a location where it can be mechanically removed by the contractor without any difficulty

What happens once we have received the Voluntary Vehicle Surrender form

  • We will check all the details provided through the Sussex Police Operation Crackdown database
  • Once the details are confirmed the contractor will call you to confirm that he will be removing the vehicle and agree a time and date for the removal
  • The contractor will inform the Council when the vehicle has been destroyed
  • The Vehicle Registration document is then sent to DVLA to inform them the vehicle has been destroyed
  • The DVLA will send you a letter to confirm the vehicle no longer exists.

Can you still dispose of my vehicle if I do not have the Vehicle Registration Document?

We can still arrange for your vehicle to be disposed of but we will need to make further enquiries with the appropriate agencies to confirm ownership of the vehicle before authorising our contractor to remove the vehicle.

Further Advice

If you would like further advice please contact us using theĀ details below.