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Green Wealden

Wealden District Council is committed to supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly projects and schemes throughout the District, respecting the limits of our environment and resources. This page provides access to information on other parts of the website which demonstrates the wide range of sustainability-related projects, activities and approaches undertaken by various parts of the Council.

Green Wealden and Green Enterprise : Sustainable development in Wealden

The main focus of the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is on delivering sustainable development . However the assessment of what may or may not be seen as truly sustainable can be complex. As a major part of the Council’s project to raise the profile and importance of “green” business and sustainable growth within Wealden, and to promote and encourage good examples please see attached a presentation which has been developed to help explain the Council’s approach. Broadly speaking Wealden’s Sustainability objectives – for a Greener Wealden – are to encourage, assess and reward green initiatives and to promote sustainable development throughout the District. As well as sustainable development being at the heart of the NPPF with its stated presumption in favour, and in response to this and other legislation each of the Council’s adopted Planning Policies have been developed and tested against some 22 agreed sustainability objectives – covering social, economic and environmental matters. This helps us to ensure that we can deliver growth in a measured way against these three key themes (social, economic and environmental) and find the appropriate balance between growth and the enhancement and conservation of our attractive rural environment. There are also links to external sites and resources where you can find information about sustainable development and environmental matters.

Future High Streets Forum

The national Future High Streets Forum advises government on the challenges facing high streets and helps to develop practical policies to enable town centres to adapt and change. On 31 May 2014 the forum published a report drawing on the lessons learned from the first 2 years of the programme.

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