Accumulations on private land

Individuals and businesses have a duty to dispose of their waste properly. This is usually in bins or by taking waste to house hold waste sites provided by East Sussex County Council.

Waste left or dumped on land is classed as fly tipping and can be unsightly, may attract rodents or other pests, and lead to further tipping.

The owner of land is responsible for clearing waste left on their land and the Council has the power to require private landowners to remove waste which is detrimental to the amenities of a neighbourhood (an eyesore) or prejudicial to health.

Fly tipping on public land is dealt with by the Street Scene Enforcement Team

Inert materials, such as builders’ rubble and timber, while unsightly, is best dealt with by Planning Enforcement as it does not represent a risk to public health.

If are experiencing a disturbance caused by an accumulation then please contact us.