Reducing noise at home

On this page you will find our top tips for reducing the likelihood of causing a noise disturbance to your neighbours.

Noisy household equipment

Place any noisy household equipment such as a washing machine, away from partition walls and avoid using this type of equipment at night time if you live in close proximity to your neighbours, for example in a flat.

New household appliances

When buying a new household appliance, ask how noisy it is. If we all opt for quieter appliances, manufacturers will make them.

Noisy household activities

Perform noisy household tasks such as mowing the lawn, vacuuming or DIY jobs during normal waking hours, most people would generally consider it best to restrict this type of noise to between 9.0am until 8.0pm. (The hours of work for noise from construction work type activities are more restricted because they are recognised to be more intrusive).

Advance warnings

Apologise to neighbours in advance if likely to be causing a noise disturbance such as DIY noise.

Keep volume down

Keep the volume of TV, radio and music as low as possible, especially late at night. If you want to turn the volume up you could use headphones although do be careful to protect your hearing if the volume is loud and you are using headphones for long periods.

Dog barking

Most people find dog barking very annoying. If your dog barks when left alone it may be lonely, bored or frustrated, seeking attention, feels it needs to defend its territory or have a medical condition. It is important to train your dog to discourage barking.


If you are having a party, inform your neighbours in advance, they are likely to be much more understanding if they know. Keep the noise to a minimum and try to make sure that music and noisy activities are kept indoors as much as possible, especially in the evening and during the night time period.


Avoid playing your car stereo to the world at large. If you are parked up or waiting for someone try to reduce the volume so that you aren’t disturbing other people. Also try to make sure that your car alarm is working properly; it can be extremely annoying if it keeps misfiring.


Please make sure that you have a keyholder who can be contacted if your house alarm goes off while you are away. Please ensure that your alarm is serviced and maintained to ensure that it is working properly and that your neighbours know who to contact.