Disturbances from odour

Before you contact us about an odour problem, you must be able to identify where the odour is coming from.

The source of some odours may be several miles away and here in the south east it can even be possible for us to experience odours from as far away as France!

We can only investigate if the source of the odour is an industrial, trade or business premises. Therefore, odours that can be investigated will be commercial in nature and may be due to the following:

  • Cooking
  • Spray painting
  • Chemical processes
  • The generation and processing of waste

We will not investigate residential odour as this is not a Statutory Nuisance. If however you are being bothered by odours coming from animals, domestic waste, blocked drains or an accumulation then please visit the other pages in this section.

If are experiencing an odour problem then please visit our Before you report a pollution problem for information on how you resolve the situation informally.