If you feel that you are unable to speak to or contact your neighbour directly, then the next option is to consider the services of a community mediator. They should be able to help you and your neighbour to reach an informal agreement on how to resolve the issue. Mediators help neighbours talk through problems and reach a solution by listening to everyone’s views and solutions are reached by mutual agreement of all those involved. The sessions are voluntary and agreements are not forced.

Neighbourhood mediation can deal with:

  • Noise
  • Children’s behaviour
  • Pets behaviour
  • Parking disputes
  • Harassment or abusive behaviour
  • Boundary disputes

In order for mediation to be successful, both parties must agree to participate. If you would like to be referred to this service, please contact  Mediation Plus via email or alternatively you can contact them on 01323 442 781.

For more information please visit You may also be interested in watching the Sussex Police support community mediation video (external link).

If you are not able to resolve issues directly or through a mediator

We are able to consider issues that are likely to be causing a serious problem and are likely to be a nuisance. Whether the issue is serious depends on the frequency, duration and character of the issue and whether this would affect an average person living in their home.

If you feel that the issue is severe enough and you have been unable to resolve the situation yourself, then please visit our Reporting a pollution problem page.