Residential bonfires

We do not recommend that residents have bonfires. Residential bonfires attract many complaints and are a source of air pollution. We recommend that garden waste is composted or taken to a household waste site or placed into your brown garden waste bin. However, there are no bye laws preventing bonfires so if you decide to have one, you must not cause a statutory nuisance to neighbours or cause anti-social behaviour. A one off bonfire is unlikely to result in formal action but this may change if they occur on a regular basis. If you do have a bonfire, we urge you to be extremely careful and follow the recommendations below. This should help prevent any complaints. Our bonfire recommendations are:
  • Always warn your neighbours in advance
  • Burn during low wind conditions
  • Burn in the evening when windows are closed
  • Burn when washing has been taken in
  • Only burn dry material
  • Burn as far away from your neighbours as possible
  • If a neighbour’s house has become engulfed by your smoke, please put out your bonfire immediately.
If you are experiencing problems due to smoke from regular bonfires then please visit our Before you report a pollution problem for information on how this problem can be resolved. You may also be interested on our Garden Bonfires  leaflet.