Trees And Hedgerows

Wealden Design Guide

If you are considering submitting an application which will affect trees and hedgerows you are advised to look at Chapter 3 of The Wealden Design Guide , a Supplementary Planning Document, the purpose of which is to encourage a higher standard of design for development within the District. This chapter provides specific information and advice to help you take proper account of trees, hedgerows and bio diversity when considering proposals for development.

High Hedges Legislation

High hedges disputes – legislation came into force on 1st June 2005.

The Planning Act recognises the amenity value of trees, and may protect them by legislation whether or not they are growing on a potential development site.

Tree Preservation Orders may be placed on individual, groups or areas of trees and woodlands. Except in certain circumstances, consent is required from the Council for the cutting down, topping, lopping, uprooting, wilful damage or wilful destruction of protected trees. Where felling is authorised, replanting is usually required.

Planning Conditions may be imposed on the granting of planning permission requiring the retention and physical protection of existing trees, shrubs and hedges, and the implementation and establishment of an approved landscape scheme. When such conditions are imposed, only the trees needed to be removed to implement a planning permission may be so.

Trees within a Conservation Area are also protected under certain circumstances and require a Tree Works Application form to be completed. Please see the Protected Trees Frequently Asked Questions for more information about Tree Preservation Orders.

Permission under the Hedgerow Regulations is required for the removal of agricultural hedges. Such hedges may be protected by a Hedgerow Retention Notice.

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