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East Sussex Against Scams Partnership (ESASP) – Scams Contact Details.

Consumers lose £5-£10 billion to scams each year. Don’t add to this staggering figure, take a stand!
Top 10 Tips to take a stand against Scam’s

  1. Say NO. To unwanted, uninvited callers.
  2. Be wise to rogue traders. Too good to be true offers, probably are.
  3. Don’t feel pressured to make a decision. Say ‘No’, or say you need advice first.
  4. Be wise to postal scams. No legal company will ask for money to claim a prize.
  5. Keep personal details safe. They could be used fraudulently in the wrong hands.
  6. Research the credentials of the company. Be certain they’re not bogus.
  7. Be online savvy. Check who you are communicating with online
  8. Talk to someone you can trust. If you’re suspicious.
  9. Report a scam. Help expose criminals.
  10. Know you are not alone. Anyone can be a victim, report it and get the right support.

Scam Alerts – sign up to get the latest information

National: Friends against Scams

East Sussex useful contact numbers

For support and advice on scams (eg rogue traders, romance scams, scam mail, telephone calls, text messages, emails), call Citizens Advice on 0345 4040506

  • If you are concerned about financial abuse speak to Health and Social Care Connect on 0345 6080 191
  • For a non-emergency response (if you have been a victim of a fraud / scam), call Sussex Police on 101
  • If you have been affected by crime, get emotional and practical help from Victim Support on 080 168 9274
  • To report a fraud, or suspected fraud, and share information to help stop others from becoming victims, call Action Fraud 0300 123 2040

Scam telephone calls – useful contact details

BT Call Protect – free service (if you have caller ID display): Banish Nuisance Calls 

Telephone Preference Service –free opt out service enabling you to record your preference on the official register and not receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. Either register via 0345 070 0707 or visit the TPS website

Scam mail – useful contact details

Mailing Preference Service (MPS) –register to stop receiving advertising material that’s addressed to you personally (unfortunately service is limited to UK organisations). Either register online on the MPS online website,  or ring 020 7291 3310, or email mps@dma.org.uk.

You can’t register if you have a PO box or business address, or if you live in Ireland. After registering, it can take up to 4 months for the service to be fully effective.
Royal Mail – Opt out of getting unaddressed junk mail within 6 weeks(mail addressed to The Occupier will still be delivered). Write to: Freepost Royal Mail Customer Services, or ring 0345 266 0858, or email: optout@royalmail.com. Valid for 2 years.

If you receive written correspondence you believe to be from fraudsters, you can forward it to Royal Mail with a covering letter to: Freepost Scam Mail, PO Box 797, Exeter EX1 9UN. You can also email scam.mail@royalmail.com or call 0345 611 3413.

Royal Mail moving home, redirect your mail to help protect against identity fraud

Scam emails – where to forward

Received a scam or phishing email? 1ststep: report it to the internet service provider (ISP) used to send you the email. Once reported, the ISP can close the account that sent the email. Gmail has a ‘Report spam’ button,Hotmail has a ‘Report phishing’ button.

Emails originating from other organisations:

Open new email, forward on suspicious email, delete original

Reporting premium rate phone scams

If you want to complain about or report a premium-rate telephone service scam, contact Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA), the official UK regulator for content, goods and services, charged to a phone bill.

Call PSA free from a landline on 0300 303 0020 or visit their website.
Mobile phone unsolicited sales & marketing calls – opt out
Contact TPS by texting TPS and email address to 85095 (text-to-register service, add number to UK’s
official ‘do not call’ database. Takes up to 28 days to become effective.


Every year, the British public loses billions of pounds to fraudsters. With scams ranging from the simplest confidence trick to the most sophisticated high-tech online fraud, it pays to keep up to date with the latest news and advice. Find out more about fraud, its many types and how you can report it to Sussex Police