The Heat is on

Looking after Yourself During a Heatwave

There is increasing talk of heatwaves during our summers in the UK. Most of us enjoy sunny weather but a prolonged period of intense heat can damage health.

When the heat is on people can easily dehydrate and the body can overheat leading to heat exhaustion and then heatstroke. Both need urgent attention.

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Visit the NHS Direct website to find out about theNHS Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke and actions to take if you or someone else are exhibiting the signs of either condition.

Heatwave Warnings

Check the Met Office website for Met Office – UK: Severe Weather Warnings. Warnings are circulated prior to and regularly during periods of hot weather and are broadcasted on TV and radio bulletins.

HSE – Temperature

Find out about heat stress, dehydration, visual impairment due to glare, sun protection, working in the sun & temperatures in places where food is handled.

Keep Cool in Summer

Advice on keeping your home cool the low energy way.

For further information

Visit the Met Office for the Met Office – Weather and Environment for your area.

You can get advice on protecting your skin during hot weather from the Cancer Research UK Sun Smart.