Renting A Council Garage

The Council owns and rents out a number of garages across the district. We have just finished refurbishing them and currently have some available to let.

Before being allocated a garage there is some important information that you need to know. Listed below are some key facts:

  • The Council has a fairly large waiting list for those wanting to rent a garage.
  • Anyone wanting a garage will need to fill out an application form in order to go on this waiting list.
  • Council tenants take priority over non-council tenants in areas where garages have been demolished (for example: Town Farm and Southmead Close).
  • People who have had their garage demolished will take priority over anyone on the list.
  • Garages cost £13.00 per week to rent, but non-council tenants have to pay £13.00 plus VAT (at the current rate of 20% = £15.60).
  • We will make sure a garage is in reasonable condition before letting it.
  • The Council will only replace garage doors if they are in poor condition.
  • Garage rent is NOT eligible for housing benefit.
  • The garage licence is a weekly licence, so either party must give a weeks notice to end the agreement.

Please complete our Garage Application form.